Friday, May 10, 2013

Let Me Style You- for Free!

I think I am that girl that just loves to be busy! Despite a crazy schedule, I found out about personal styling service Keaton Row and knew it was something I wanted to be involved with! I've always loved giving friends fashion advice. Just ask Jocelyn- I love being the go-to for "which dress should I wear to my friend's wedding?" girl!

Keaton Row is a free online styling service- you fill out your questionnaire of body type/ personal style preferences/ budget/ wardrobe composition / special event you need a look for- if that's the case. Then, within a week you'll get a personalized lookbook & outfit recommendations from me! It's basically the online version of taking me shopping with you :)

Let Me Style You- For Free!

You can check out my profile here as well as some fun Q&A, outfit ideas and inspiration ( anyone else a fan of monograms, peonies, crystal chandeliers arm parties, & coffee? I feel like these describe me in a nutshell!)

LPF's inspirations

It doesn't matter what your age/body type/ personal style is- I will find you something you love.. promise! I'm really excited for this fun opportunity to do more of what I love so give it a shot or refer me to someone else you know that would like some professional shopping advice! With no pressure to purchase anything!

I'm looking forward to applying my love of great affordable style, background in fashion merchandising, and trend savvy blogging to picking out fun & flattering pieces!

xoxo, lauren


Samantha said...

A fellow Keaton Row Stylist :)

Zhenya H said...

What a neat idea! Good luck, Lauren!

Jewel Laura said...

Hey Lauren! Just found your blog through Midwest Style Bloggers! loved your interview.. just stopping by to say hey. enjoy a good weekend! xo

Chica-Esperta said...

Hi Lauren!
I would be delighted to be styled by you. Would you help me refine my newly found personal style? I have a couple of unworn pieces I'd rather make into new outfits than get rid of.
However I don't have a Facebook account to sign up for the styling, what should I do?

Libby's Life said...

I just sent a styling request to you and I am so excited for it! :)

Lauren said...

That is such a good idea! Thanks so much for sharing this! What an awesome site :) xo

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