Tuesday, July 2, 2013

"A Life Without Love is Like a Year Without Summer"- Swedish Proverb

Some weeks are just stressful. This has been one of those weeks! Needless to say, I'm so excited for a nice long, weekend and hopefully a chance to relax (and complete the magazine.. I'm so close & anxious to finish it-- you are going to love the new issue!). 

Tonight I stayed out at my boyfriend's parents house and Kyle and I took a nice ride and berry picked around all of their land and trails while I sat on the back of his dirt bike. It's amazing what a little fresh air and  spending time with someone you love can do to make you change your attitude.

"A Life Without Love is Like a Year Without Summer"- Swedish Proverb. I couldn't agree more.

"A Life Without Love is like a Year Without Summer"

I've also have been trying to be less wasteful of the groceries I buy each week.  I don't know about you- but I am notorious for having eyes that are bigger than my stomach when I go grocery shopping and get over-ambitious buying food.

I whipped up this berry crisp last night with some fresh raspberries & blueberries that we're going to go bad soon. It was the perfect sweet treat and I had all of the basic ingredients in the pantry.

Life is Sweet

I'm getting more adventurous in my cooking and baking- starting to step out of my recipe comfort zone and substitute and swap ingredients to make things my own! I'm having fun on my journey to becoming a domestic goddess ;)

What are your 4th of July weekend Plans?

xoxo, lauren


Little Tree Vintage said...

hope you have a better week with less stress! xo

Mia. said...

That looks so yummy!



Allison said...

You and Kyle are so freaking cute - I'm so happy for you and that you've found such a great supporter/love :) You deserve it!
That berry crisp looks amazing - I'm just like you and definitely need to watch the amount that I buy/throw away. I try to do more grocery trips and just buy what I need versus going overboard, especially with produce!

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