Saturday, July 6, 2013

Tips for a Stylish + Successful Garage Sale

Next weekend I'm having a garage sale with the boyfriend's family. (One of those perks to house vs. apartment living)! I have a ton of clothes, accessories & housewares that I'm anxious to sell and I've been reading up a lot on creating the perfect garage sale atmosphere. 

Some of my favorite inspirations for a stylish and successful yard/garage sale are making it feel less like a bunch of "stuff", and more of an Anthropologie-like shopping experience. Anthro is truly the experts at making vintage and one-off items feel like they are artfully curated. 

I've created this handy printable garage sale checklist which I will be using myself this week to make sure I don't forget any details!

Printable Garage Sale Checklist

Now, to share some of my favorite Garage sale inspirations- many of which we are hoping to incorporate into our sale (including offering payments with "square" to accept credit cards!). I love the idea of staging a garage sale just like you would an interior to give items new life and purpose. It's the little things that go along way- i.e. silverware tied up in ribbon, clothes hanging on a clothing rack, or necklaces hanging off of pegs.

Stylish Garage Sale
love the clothing rack & hanging banner//  via endlessly inspired

Stylish Yard Sale Jewelry Display
organized jewelry makes it easier to shop! // via  country living

Stylish Yard Sale Sign
a totally stylish yard sale sign is a win in my book //via pinterest

 photo garagesale6_zps0a2e0345.jpg
grouping like items together & creating stylish signage  // via country living

Stylish Garage Sale
Mismatched items get an antique store feel when paired together colorfully  // via BH&G

I'm super excited to share with you pictures from our garage sale next weekend. I'm hoping I can put some of my visual merchandising experience to good use and put on a profitable + fun to shop sale!

xoxo, lauren


Chica Esperta said...

I never held a yard sale myself but I shop almost weekly on various flea markets.
The best tip I can give you is to hang up your clothes. Clothes that are up in hangers get viewed, tried on and bought more often than the ones folded on the ground or on a box/suitcase (even the ones with a "poke through" sign.
Also have a mirror on hand and a small bench if you're selling shoes.

If you want to make the most money and still be nice to get return customers, instead of lowering the price when they haggle, offer something else that barely costs you. I especially like cake, glasses of juice/sangria or handmade jewelry

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LRB said...

Great check off list! Inspiring me to have one this summer.

Hannah said...

Oh man, none of my yard sales have ever been this cute! I'll definitely remember this post next time I have one.


Eva said...

This is a great post for staging items! I can't wait to have a garage sale this spring, my garage is overflowing!

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