Friday, August 23, 2013

Back to School In Style Guide

Though I'm not in college anymore- I have years worth of my adventures, advice, and wardrobe through the many new school years, new apartments, and game day Saturdays. I've compiled a few of my favorite back to school posts- from Florida State football tailgates to stylish school supplies to my freshman year dorm room (cute the aww)!.

It's been two and a half years since graduating and I still look back on those years as some of the best of my life and some fun memories! It's crazy how much things change at warp speed post-college!

LPF's Back to School Guide

Whether you're just starting school or a seasoned veteran. These posts will be sure to leave you inspired. Though my college years are behind me- there's nothing like being an alum and rooting on the noles in a Wisconsin bar thousands of miles from home! Did I mention I'm excited for football season? ;)

What is/was your FAVORITE thing about college?

xoxo, lauren

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lifeasart said...

What a cute and timely post! Thanks for compiling these :-)

Jessica Joyce said...

Ah, FSU! I went there last year and it was such a beautiful campus! Your style will definitely still work here in Brooklyn, though!
Your Friend, Jess

Blake from B Street Shoes on Etsy said...

Lots of people have been getting things special and custom for them this new school year. It's a cool trend to watch, and Etsy seller are doing an awesome job with the trend.

Grace said...

Love that bedding! My favorite thing about college is getting to decorate my room!

Have a great day, Lauren!
A Southern Drawl

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College Focus said...

Awesome links, such great inspiration!

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