Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Easy Meals for Busy Girls: Menu Planning

In an effort to be more organized (& diligent with my grocery shopping) I decided to plan out some of our meals for the week. I tried to use up some of the produce & ingredients we already in the house, stick to a budget, AND  maintain a somewhat healthy menu. I can't stress enough how much easier menu planning is when life is chaotic and you're trying to find the balance!

I was pleasantly surprised to find the Menu Planning App - the perfect balance of techy + domestic goddess all wrapped into one beautiful little shopping list. It lets you add recipes + create a virtual shopping list that you can seamlessly send to your phone (allowing you to cross off items you already have).

I couldn't resist making our menu into a cute little graphic. So far it's made me more determined to stick to what we've planned for meals! You could easily create one of your own on picmonkey!

Stylish Menu Planning for Busy Domestic Goddesses-In-Training!

In case you're curious what I'm eating this week for dinner:

I wanted to leave Saturday open because that tends to be our date night!

Do you try to plan out your meals for the week? 
If so, do you use any fun apps or have tips for saving money on groceries? My next feat will be learning how to coupon!

I just saw that you can "favorite" me as a chef! So follow me for my weekly meal plans!

xoxo, lauren


Grace said...

This is exactly what I need! I always run out of ideas for dinner. That soup sounds delicious also. It would be perfect to make in the fall! But let's be real, I'll probably mess up the recipe, and the soup will come out to be a solid somehow.

Have a great day!
A Southern Drawl

Sarah Lagen said...

Great ideas! I love the balance-- and perfect for next day left over lunch!

The Sweetest Thing said...

I am super picky so usually these type of recipes never fit my 'needs' but I actually saw a couple I will have to try!

Jessica Joyce said...

I am the WORST at planning. Maybe I need something like what you're doing so that I can get better. But then I know I'll just end up eating out!
Your Friend, Jess

Cotton said...

I'm trying to get better at meal glad you put a bunch of these together!

Allison said...

I suck at planning - I eat so much pasta because dinner rolls around and I am 0% planned. I definitely need to switch it up and plan more (especially because I'm notorious for skipping meals, which is awful).
I don't coupon, but I do go through the ads they send in the paper and do price comparisons before I shop.

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