Friday, August 2, 2013

Masculine Meets Feminine Design

Today's post is a nod to my guy for his birthday! We've been living together for the last couple of months and it's been great. Lots of cooking together, Game of Thrones nights & really just a lot of fun. One of the biggest challenges of sharing a space is finding a shared design aesthetic. I tend to be overtly colorful and girly, he is very modern and simplistic. A match made in design heaven right?! ;)

I'm on a mission to find a good compromise for both of us for the bedroom; something that feels comfortable to us both, yet still allows us to incorporate a little bit of our personal design style. I can imagine any design savvy readers living with a significant other or spouse can relate!

I've pulled a few of my favorite masculine meets feminine designed bedrooms. They are a great balance of femininity and style yet grounded in neutrals and masculine accents.

Masculine Meets Feminine Design
Masculine Meets Feminine Design
via twelve chairs boston

Masculine Meets Feminine Design
via the glitter guide

Masculine Meets Feminine Design
via house tweaking

Just as relationships are all about compromise so is interior design in a shared living space. I love this take on masculine meets feminine decor for a master bedroom.

In our case, Kyle's side is modern meets techy (that red lego looking item is actually a jambox speaker), mine would be shabby chic with a splash of bold pattern.


Jessica Joyce said...

Designing a shared space can be tough, but once it is finished, you'll be tired enough to just sleep in whatever's there. LOL!
Your Friend, Jess

P.S. I wrote a blog post about my fun trip to Madison, mostly thanks to you!

lissabalissa said...

I'm excited to see the process and what you land on for decor!!

Caitlin C. said...

Loveee every single one of these!

babilesh said...

wonderful.the interiors are so good and very trendy.
it gives a very pleasant feeling.
keep blogging.

fashion tips

Lisa said...

Congrats on moving in together! That's a big step. :)

When my guy and I moved in together, we faced the same challenge. As it turns out, he only objected to the really overtly girly: lots of pink and purple, floral prints, chandeliers, and lots of useless knickknacks on tabletops. But he didn't object to geometric prints like chevron stripes or Greek keys, nature motifs, or bright colours. In the end we settled on sleek, modern furniture pieces with a few well-chosen colour and decor accents.

Good luck with your decorating process! It's a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

Love this Post Laur! This is def my style of decorating.

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