Friday, September 6, 2013

10 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

As I mentioned in one of my recent posts, I've been obsessed with podcasts lately! I have a hour and a half round trip to work each day through the rolling Wisconsin countryside and even listening to music can get a bit boring. 

My mom turned me onto the stitcher app and it has been my life saver! I love listening to shows about everything from entrepreneurship to social media to fashion. It's amazing how much more productive you feel when listening along the drive to work or at the gym.

I'm featuring a few of the podcasts I'm absolutely loving lately. Some of them are even live video shows, some just audio- but all are equally as fabulous!
Podcasts You Should Be Listening to

  • The Social Hour: Social media mavens Sarah Lane & Amber MacArthur share the newest social tools & insights - perfect for bloggers to stay in the know
  • Creative Little Beasts: Tips for running an online business & interviews with creative entrepreneurs- sure to inspire.
  • WWD: Fashion newspaper Women's Wear Daily shares breaking fashion news & talk of the town trends- a stylish must listen for fashionistas
  • Our Style Stories: Blogger, Hilary interviews & shares the story of creative people with a unique point of view, their lifestyle, work, interiors & more
  • The Fashion Trends Show: Interviews with fashion industry professionals about their careers & thoughts on fashion (including yours truly)!
  • Smart Creative Women: The name of this show says it all- an ultimate resource for Q+A with women pursuing their creative fashions + sharing their insights
  • Lady Business Radio: Hilarious host & small biz expert Jessica Kupferman is reason enough to listen to this show. Her interviews will have you amped up to chase your entrepreneurial dreams. 
  • Young Female Entrepreneurs: I absolutely love this support group & great resouces from this group! The lovely Jennifer Donogh hosts inspiring video chats + a bootstrap book club to help network + inspire young female entrepreneurs.
  • MarieTv: Entrepreneuress Marie Forleo has the most informative & fun youtube clips featuring tips any go-getter could use
  • Joy the Baker: Any foodie would appreciate blogger, Joy the Baker's show about recipes, blog life & girl talk fun

Are you a podcast listener too? Be sure to leave the links to your favorites so I can check them out!

xoxo, lauren


Jessica Joyce said...

So perfect! I just posted my love for podcasts on my blog...but seem to have not heard any of these yet! Downloading now.
And I may or may not have just mentioned you in my latest post...

Your Friend, Jess

Allison said...

I LOVE podcasts. Usually I just listen to NPR because I am the most boring person alive, but I'm going to check some of these out! Thanks for sharing, love.

Stylist Diva said...

I just joined the gym and was looking for something to help the time pass. Thank you so much for posting this! I look forward to listening! xo

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