Monday, September 30, 2013

Try This Trend: Modern Rustic Design

One of the design trends I just can't get enough of is the modern rustic aesthetic. I seem to be pinning away tons of  examples of this style. I oogle over reclaimed wood tables, milk glass decor accents & modern takes on the mounted deer head. I like that this style feels more relevant than hunting lodge when combined with steel frames or fun fabrics. 

Try this Trend: Modern Rustic Design

I've saved a few of my favorite inspiration images featuring the modern rustic interior design style. It's identifiable by hardwood or cement floors, open shelving, burlap fabrics, natural materials like wood, slate & stone, and whimsical nods to farm & country life.

I think it also helps that in a sea of girly + uber colorful interior design inspiration Kyle & I can both agree over the beauty of a rustic piece of furniture.I like the playful pops of color and pattern incorporated into these designs. Even just a hint of rustic balances out the modern elements.

xoxo, lauren


Anonymous said...

i love reclaimed wood and iron coffee tables. my style is very clean and classic but my boyfriend is more of the "would live in a log cabin if he could" type. he keeps saying when we live together he wants to make one of those coffee tables.

Katie said...

I am so into antlers and succulents these days! The turquoise and gold stag would be amazing above my mantel. I try to throw a little rustic chic into each room of my home.

Jessica Joyce said...

For some reason I'm always attracted to these rustic designs perhaps because I'm in the city. If only I could live in the rural parts of America...but I'll just design my room like this.
Your Friend, Jess
P.S. Love the glittered moose head

Maya {CharminglyStyled} said...

I just used those antlers in a post recently - how can you go wrong with glitter and teal? Love the inspiration board lady! xx

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Beautiful rooms!

George Steward said...

I like the roof of first pictures...
George Steward

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