Thursday, October 31, 2013

LPF Book Club: Parisienne French

I had the excitement of receiving a copy of the new "Parisienne French: Chic Phrases, Slang & Style" book and absolutely adored it. As most people know I am a huge francophile and lover of all things french (the blog title was a dead giveaway, non?).

 As a former french student, I loved  Rhianna Jones' guide to more conversational french- you know the kind they don't teach you in school.. like "Je veux des nouvelles chaussures. Peut-être des nouveau baskets d'Isabel Marant" // I want some new shoes! Maybe some sneakers by Isabel Marant!)  You know, so the next time in Paris in line at Ladurée for macarons or eating a crepe on the steps of the Bastille I won't feel like a total tourist. 

The book includes  basics & essentials for traveling & getting around, but some of my favorite features are the more unique phrases & french culture tidbits.For example, must see museums in Paris, an entire section on french phrases related to fashion & local's shopping guide, and of course a section on dating and romance since French is the language of love! I also love the list of must-read Paris bloggers- sure to inspire a sense of wanderlust.

I've also pulled together a few of my favorite pieces for the francophile.  LOVING all of the french phrase tees & sweatshirts trending right now.

Must Haves for: The Francophile

Are you a fellow francophile- a girl with je ne sais quois? Ever visited france- share your favorite memories!
I love a good Paris story. See this vintage LPF post to watch one of my favorite Paris study abroad memories!

xoxo, lauren

Monday, October 28, 2013

Latest Lust: Barbour Jackets

I spent the weekend visiting my sister up at her campus in  Massachusetts! One of the first investments she made when she moved there was a Barbour jacket & it's easy to see why, as it's the unofficial uniform for girls in New England (especially when paired back to a pair of colorful Hunter wellies)! 

This iconic British brand has two jackets which are particularly trendy right now- a waxed canvas & quilted style. They are beloved by celebrities & prepsters alike.In today's post I've found a few options to get the Barbour jacket look for less (one piece even borrowed from the boy's section)!

latest lust: barbour jackets

The Look for Less:  Old Navy // Dorothy Perkins // J.Crew

The Look for Less:  Target // Target  // Jack Wills

I love how classically preppy the jackets are & that these Barbour look-alike options are much affordable but just as stylish options! I definitely need to add one to my fall wishlist!

What are the cold weather fashion trends in your area?

xoxo, lauren

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Try This Trend: "Teddy Bear" Boucle Coats

As the weather has quickly gone from comfortable to quite freezing in Wisconsin I am on the hunt for more cute coats! This style is cozy, warm and soft and pretty much all I'd want to wear this fall and winter. 

Some people refer to them as "teddy bear" coats for their short fur, but most of them are actually "boucle" - yarn with a looped or curled pile. Whatever you want to call them- I adore them!

Try This Trend: Teddy Bear Boucle Coats

I think I love the pale white the best, though for winter's purposes the black would be absolutely fabulous. I think to prevent you from looking like an actual teddy bear- I would pair them back to slim fitting denim & high heels or heeled boots.

Which is your favorite?

xoxo, lauren

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

LPF Mag Ghouls Night: Glam Halloween Party & Printable Wine Labels

I'm sharing a few of my favorite snapshots from the "Ghouls Night" Glam Halloween cocktail Party from the new La Petite Fashionista Magazine Issue 5. To see all of the images from the features & cocktail recipes you'll have to check it out in the mag, but I do have some free printable wine labels that I designed for the soiree to share!

I can't tell you how much fun I had creating this! I spent a lot of time at local crafts stores (Joanns & Michaels always have great coupons!), dolllar store & thrift store to find things to reinvent. I love the way the cheesy white plastic skulls turned out painted gold with brushed on glitter. We also had a blast crafting the cocktails (had to taste test them all, of course)!

I hope there are some great ideas for your Halloween parties this weekend!

#LPFMag Issue 5: Ghouls Night Glam Halloween Cocktail Party

These wine labels should print perfectly to size. Just cut down & adhere with tape on each side or even better- print on label paper! This adds such a fun festive touch to your Halloween parties!

What are your plans for Halloween this year.. or better yet, what are you dressing as?

xoxo, lauren

Monday, October 21, 2013

La Petite Fashionista Mag Issue #5 is Here!

La Petite Fashionista Mag Issue #5 is here and it was SO worth the wait! Check it out for last minute glam halloween soiree ideas & DIY costumes,  slow cooker dinners, fall fashion trends, DIY fall decor & tons more of inspiring content!
A special thanks to the contributors & sponsors who made this issue possible! If you loved the issue, please be sure to share it with your friends on social media & tag us (twitter / instagram / facebook) to help us grow our digital magazine!

xoxo, lauren

Friday, October 18, 2013

Chic DIY Halloween Costumes

This is always one of the posts I look forward to most every year on La Petite Fashionista! As many fashionistas do, I love any excuse to dress up and take on a new persona for the evening! I've truly never purchased a Halloween costume in a store- I love the idea of taking pieces you already own (or hitting up the local thrift store) to come up with a DIY costume idea.

This year a few of my chic costume picks include: 90's fashionista Cher from Clueless, horror film icon, Carrie, at prom, Khaleesi from Game of Thrones & the adorable Jess from New Girl.
See how the look for your Halloween costume this year:

Chic Costumes: Cher from Clueless


With the 90's fashion trend in full resurgence right now, it's easy to find these fun flashbacks in stores. Cher loves to be matchy matchy- so if you can find a matching blazer & skirt or even better - mini backpack this costume is easy to pull together. I LOVE the 90's phone case for the fun extra touch- be sure to recite "whatever" & "as if" as much as possible.

Chic Costumes: Carrie

I just re-watched this classic horror film and it's being re-released this year. This iconic scene with Carrie at prom covered in blood is unforgettable. Bonus points for a thrifted pink maxi dress & bouquet that you can cover in fake blood.

Chic Costumes: Khaleesi from Game of Thrones

I am an enormous Game of Thrones nerd and am totally inspired by the empowering and beautiful Khaleesi. The blonde wig is the most important element of this look, but the dragon accents are a fun nod to the series.

Chic Costumes:Jess from New Girl


How can you not love the adorably goofy Zooey Deschanel as Jess on New Girl. She's never seen without a staple vintagey ModCloth dress, black tights, ballet flats, signature lips. The Warby Parker glasses add a fun touch. Curl hair & load on mascara to complete the look!

I hope you're loving these chic DIY Halloween costumes as much as I am! See even more in the upcoming issue of LPF Mag!

What will you be dressing up as for Halloween?

xoxo, lauren

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Blogger Buzz: Sip & See

I'm partnering with a few of my favorite blogger ladies for this month's blogger buzz! This month we're talking about our favorite magazine & beverage pairings. Is anyone else as excited about Domino Mag being back?! It's truly what made me love interior design. I also really miss Martha Stewart's now out of print,  Blueprint Mag (has it really been out of print since 2007?!).

These days I've been spending more time editing my own magazine than having time to read them. Looking forward to doing some traveling over the next month. Airplanes are the best time to catch up on your mags!

 photo 4db80a6e-e76d-467c-a3bc-8706e6056e94_zpsecff11e5.jpg

Samantha of The Brunette One
Iced tea with Lemon and InStyle

Meghan of Downtown Daydreams
Glass of Wine and Coastal Living

Spiked Apple Cider and Domino

Earl Grey Tea and Real Simple

Glass of Vinho Verde and Martha Stewart Living

What would be your magazine & beverage pairing?

xoxo, lauren

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I Heart October

I'm back with yet another fabulous piece from QMack! I knew this top would be perfect for me because of my love for all things covered in hearts! I paired it back to a pair of bubble gum pink pants, a bold statement necklace & bright pink lips!

#QMack Heart Blouse, Pink Pants & Pink Lipstick!

Statement Necklace: Similar // Lipstick: Moxie

#Qmack Heart Blouse + #MoxieUp Pink Lipstick

This month seriously needs to SLOW down! From photoshoots for the mag, to feeling absolutely awful and downing gatorade and cold medicine earlier this week, and wanting to fit in the things I truly enjoy like date nights! I just wish there were more hours in a day to do all the things I want to do! Can anyone else relate?

xoxo, lauren

Monday, October 14, 2013

A Sneak Preview of LPF Mag's Anniversary Issue!

I've been hard at work with the contributors getting our one year anniversary, Fall issue of LPF Mag to digital press. Keep your eyes peeled next week for a glam Halloween soiree, fall fashion editorial, DIY dinner party, crockpot dinners & so much more inspiration! I'm so excited that it's been a year of magazine issues of La Petite Fashionista! Thank you all for your support!

I've also been releasing a weekly newsletter highlighting everything from my "5 Things That Make Me Oh-So-Happy This Week", to 5 Deals Under $50, features of my latest posts & sneak previews of new LPF Mag issues! It's been a lot of fun to release each week!

I also want to include a weekly blogger Q+A with my newsletter each week, so let me know if you'd be interested in being feature by  leaving your details in the comments below!

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xoxo, lauren

Sunday, October 13, 2013

LPF for QMack: Sequins + Coffee

My second post for my collaboration with new contemporary brand, QMack on their blogger roadtrip features two of my absolute favorite fall trends- sequins & intarsia sweater knits. I am a big believer in sequins no matter what the occasion. The trick to sporting sequins for day is to balance out the rest of the outfit with more casual pieces, like this open cardigan.

They definitely make a statement in the best way possible- I can't tell you how many people stopped me in the hall to compliment my sequined skirt. It certainly brightens up a weekday! And let me tell you the Q girl, LOVES her sequins.

Aztec Printed Sweater & Navy Sequined Skirt // LPF for QMack  #QMarksTheSpot

Aztec Printed Sweater & Navy Sequined Skirt // LPF for QMack  #QMarksTheSpot

Aztec Printed Sweater & Navy Sequined Skirt // LPF for QMack  #QMarksTheSpot

I have to say, I love the last shot. I'm definitely daydreaming about cozy sweaters, hot apple ciders & giant piles of colorful leaves to jump in. Did I mention how excited I am for fall? I have been working on the anniversary issue of La Petite Fashionista Magazine and can't wait to share in a little over a week!

I'll also be taking over the social media feeds for QMack on twitterinstagram & facebook so be sure to follow along!

xoxo, lauren

Thursday, October 10, 2013

La Petite Fashionista for QMack

I am so excited to partner with QMack- a newly launched brand available at Macy's and designed for the busy but stylish girl who loves to mix and match (or mix & mack as they like to call it)!. QMack strikes a delicate balance between preppy and trendy, vintage and contemporary. It's perfect for me because I am always for a new way to wear pieces in my closet, but keep each look unique!

La Petite Fashionista for QMack // #QMarksTheSpot

Wearing: Metallic Tweed Motorcycle Jacket // V-Neck Floral Dress

La Petite Fashionista for QMack // #QMarksTheSpot

La Petite Fashionista for QMack // #QMarksTheSpot

La Petite Fashionista for QMack // #QMarksTheSpot

During this series I'll be snapping pictures around my favorite spots in Madison! Today's post is featuring the Arboretum, a local nature preserve where gorgeous fall foliage is on display this month! The QMack girl is so me-- someone who's not afraid to mix prints, wear sequins for day and the epitome of a girly girl.

I'll also be taking over the social media feeds for QMack on twitterinstagram & facebook so be sure to follow along!

xoxo, lauren
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