Friday, October 18, 2013

Chic DIY Halloween Costumes

This is always one of the posts I look forward to most every year on La Petite Fashionista! As many fashionistas do, I love any excuse to dress up and take on a new persona for the evening! I've truly never purchased a Halloween costume in a store- I love the idea of taking pieces you already own (or hitting up the local thrift store) to come up with a DIY costume idea.

This year a few of my chic costume picks include: 90's fashionista Cher from Clueless, horror film icon, Carrie, at prom, Khaleesi from Game of Thrones & the adorable Jess from New Girl.
See how the look for your Halloween costume this year:

Chic Costumes: Cher from Clueless


With the 90's fashion trend in full resurgence right now, it's easy to find these fun flashbacks in stores. Cher loves to be matchy matchy- so if you can find a matching blazer & skirt or even better - mini backpack this costume is easy to pull together. I LOVE the 90's phone case for the fun extra touch- be sure to recite "whatever" & "as if" as much as possible.

Chic Costumes: Carrie

I just re-watched this classic horror film and it's being re-released this year. This iconic scene with Carrie at prom covered in blood is unforgettable. Bonus points for a thrifted pink maxi dress & bouquet that you can cover in fake blood.

Chic Costumes: Khaleesi from Game of Thrones

I am an enormous Game of Thrones nerd and am totally inspired by the empowering and beautiful Khaleesi. The blonde wig is the most important element of this look, but the dragon accents are a fun nod to the series.

Chic Costumes:Jess from New Girl


How can you not love the adorably goofy Zooey Deschanel as Jess on New Girl. She's never seen without a staple vintagey ModCloth dress, black tights, ballet flats, signature lips. The Warby Parker glasses add a fun touch. Curl hair & load on mascara to complete the look!

I hope you're loving these chic DIY Halloween costumes as much as I am! See even more in the upcoming issue of LPF Mag!

What will you be dressing up as for Halloween?

xoxo, lauren


Jessica Joyce said...

DIY Halloween costumes are the best-- in fact, it's my favorite part of Halloween. I love these picks, especially since they don't involve too much makeup work ;)
Your Friend, Jess

Samantha said...

Love these!! So fun!

Allison said...

I love! DIY is so much better because really, how many slutty girl scouts can you have?
I LOVE the idea for a Khaleesi costume - so creative! I feel like I wig would be necessary for it - but I LOVE your creativity with all of these! Cher will always hold such a high place in my heart. Her closet is still what dreams are made of.
I'm going as a scarecrow this year, so I've been buying makeup and floppy hats (it's not the most exciting, but hopefully makeup will amp it up!). xox

Mallory Thompson said...

My hands-down favorite is the Jess from New Girl costume! Soooo spot on!

Xx Mallory

Rachel said...

Going as Carrie would be amazing!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Love these ideas!

Grace said...

I love the new girl costume! Definitely needed to read this post. Currently struggling with finding a costume!

A Southern Drawl

Danielle Villano said...

Hey there - I hope you don't mind - a shared a link to this post in my new blog post about Halloween costumes! I love how you put together every-day pieces to recreate character costumes!


Here's the post:

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