Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Emily + Meritt for PBteen Collection // Nightstand Styling & DIY Inspiration Board

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an interior design collection that feels more “me” than the Emily + Meritt for PBteen partnership. When it comes to interior design, I’m all about mixing vintage with modern with a touch of whimsy added in for good measure. Having a perfect mix of these items really makes you feel at home.

   I’ve styled two of my favorite pieces from the collection into my own bedroom at home. I love how special & statement making the pieces feel- while still fitting in effortlessly with my d├ęcor. In today’s post I’m showing how to style a nightstand  & create an inspiration board. Two of the most important elements of my room- besides the closet of course!

  First, I styled my nightstand using  The Emily + Meritt Animal Wall Hook from their fabulous new collection.  In addition to being a fun statement piece, this cute little gold elephant makes an excellent statement necklace holder.

Nightstand Styling with the Emily + Meritt for PBTeen Elephant Hook

  For me it’s important that my nightstand is just as functional as it is fun! I keep a supply of beauty balm for keeping the chapped lips away and a catch-all thrifting treasure next to me to de-accessorize before bed. There’s nothing better at the end of the day than lighting a deliciously scented candle and writing down your thoughts. I also am limited for space so I like to use my nightstand to keep some of my most frequently worn accessories organized. I love that the elephant hook makes such an impact but holds my necklaces as well.

Guide to Nightstand Styling

The touch of whimsy is key for a well styled nightstand. Find unique statement pieces & add color with stacked books, candles & jewelry pieces. A little lamp is also great for those evenings you want to stay up late reading fashion magazines or blogging (not that I do that or anything ;)

I also created an inspiration board utilizing  The Emily + Meritt Dart Pinboard.  It’s the perfect space to keep all of my latest design inspirations and looks for the season organized in a beautiful way.  The pinboard is a piece of art in itself, but I love being able to compile my magazine tears and images to visualize the big picture

 DIY Inspiration Board w/ Emily + Meritt for PBTeen Dart Board

Designing an inspiration board is a fun & creative project. These are a few of the steps you can take to create one for yourself:

1. Start with a stack of magazines or photographs.
2. Tear out the pages of the magazine with images & quotes you find inspiring
3. Once you’ve built up a large stack of magazine pages, organize them by theme (i.e. leopard print/ embellished / patterned sweaters / floral pops/ bold makeup looks)
4. Organizing the images by theme allows you to see the common threads & create a cohesive board by weeding out the tears that don’t fit in with the rest
5. Pin the pictures on your board- overlapping the larger editorial images & layering in the smaller cutouts of product & quotes on top
6. Take a step back to look at your board and make sure you  can get a good feel for the overall mood & themes, adjust as necessary
7. Don’t worry about making your board too “perfect”!  Experiment with adding in photographs, fabric swatches, ticket stubs or whatever your little heart desires.

The mood of my inspiration board was fall texture print & color- inspired by soft & voluminous wool, bold plaids & ethnic prints,  statement sunglasses & natural beauty looks. I must admit I also love that the whole board is centered around a cup of hot coffee.

For more from Emily + Merrit’s PBteen collection, you must check out the lookbook! There is an obscene amount of inspiration in this collaboration from the unique home accessories to perfectly printed bedding to fun details (like this gold unicorn wall mount.. amazing!)

Emily + Meritt for PBTeen

Emily + Meritt for PBTeen

Emily + Meritt for PBTeen

What’s your favorite piece from the new Emily + Meritt for PBteen collection?

xoxo, lauren


Maddie Kay said...

Ahhhh!!! I loved the gold elephant but it looks like they don't have them online :(..... unless the brass ones are actually gold in person??

Anonymous said...

i love the nightstand/trunk. so cute!

Kstylick said...

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Ashley russo said...

What a cute post. I've just moved into a new home and love this idea. I need a catch all to keep all my jewelry and nail polishes. I'll be checking out my local thrift shop this weekend to find something cute like yours!


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