Thursday, October 31, 2013

LPF Book Club: Parisienne French

I had the excitement of receiving a copy of the new "Parisienne French: Chic Phrases, Slang & Style" book and absolutely adored it. As most people know I am a huge francophile and lover of all things french (the blog title was a dead giveaway, non?).

 As a former french student, I loved  Rhianna Jones' guide to more conversational french- you know the kind they don't teach you in school.. like "Je veux des nouvelles chaussures. Peut-être des nouveau baskets d'Isabel Marant" // I want some new shoes! Maybe some sneakers by Isabel Marant!)  You know, so the next time in Paris in line at Ladurée for macarons or eating a crepe on the steps of the Bastille I won't feel like a total tourist. 

The book includes  basics & essentials for traveling & getting around, but some of my favorite features are the more unique phrases & french culture tidbits.For example, must see museums in Paris, an entire section on french phrases related to fashion & local's shopping guide, and of course a section on dating and romance since French is the language of love! I also love the list of must-read Paris bloggers- sure to inspire a sense of wanderlust.

I've also pulled together a few of my favorite pieces for the francophile.  LOVING all of the french phrase tees & sweatshirts trending right now.

Must Haves for: The Francophile

Are you a fellow francophile- a girl with je ne sais quois? Ever visited france- share your favorite memories!
I love a good Paris story. See this vintage LPF post to watch one of my favorite Paris study abroad memories!

xoxo, lauren


Jessica Joyce said...

This is just perfect, it's like the universe knows I'll be headed to Paris in a few months for a study abroad program! I'm super excited and I've been studying French online through Duolingo. I'll definitely be checking all this stuff out!

Your Friend, Jess

Allison said...

Edwin and I are seriously in the middle of planning a trip to France, so you are inspiring me to step up my game :) Gorgeous picks, as per usual, darling!
And Happy Halloween to you!

Rhianna Jones said...


I'm so delighted to hear you liked my book. I dedicated it to "francofilles" like yourself, so merci beaucoup for the interest. Holly Golightly is another muse of mine. Très très chic that one ;)

Keep it Parisienne


Sherin said...

Looks like such a fabulous book. I need to pick it up. I love being so close to France that I can just hop on a train so I'll be picking this book up for next time.

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