Saturday, December 7, 2013

Latest Lust: Glam Gift Wrap

As I just told my mom, I am turning into my gramma. Growing up she always made our Christmas extra extra special- it was her favorite holiday. Opening gifts & eating family recipes was an all day affair. We'd "model" all of the clothes we got later in a "fashion show" in her hallway.

 She started shopping in July for us, and always seemed to have the most perfect gift in mind for each person, each wrapped with their own wrapping paper so they'd know who's was who's. It wasn't about the presents, it was about the thought she put into them and all of them and the time we'd spend as a family.

This year, I'm trying extra hard to carry on her traditions- complete with festive and fun gift wrap. I've rounded up a few of my favorite glam gift wrap options.

Latest Lust: Glam Giftwrap


After working in retail for so many years and having to wrap gifts I never thought it'd be something I actually enjoy- but I do! I like picking out fun gift wrap and adding the special touches like tinsel, tags & ribbon!

Do you have any special Christmas traditions?

xoxo, lauren


Legally Feminist said...
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Amanda said...

LOVE all of these papers! My parents do the same thing - each person gets their own paper :)

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