Wednesday, December 11, 2013

LPF Gift Guide for the: Blogger:

Creating the gift guide for the blogger has to be one of my favorites! Who knows better what to get a blogger than a blogger herself? I have a few ideas for the social media savvy from useful techy gifts to witty nods to blogging.

These will all be perfect presents under the tree (now if only I can convince someone to be my outfit photographer for the year- now that would be a fantastic gift!)

LPF Gift Guide for: The Blogger

Shop the Gift Guide for the Blogger:
Fellow bloggers, what would be your dream blogging gift?

xoxo, lauren


Petite Promise said...

Super cute ideas. Tempted to link this to a few family members ;) Especially love that 'I'm So Posting This'! If I didn't need a case of steel for my iPhone (butter fingers here) I would totally get it.

Holly ♥

Lyn said...

Love this gift guide! But I'm a blogger so what did you expect? ;) xx

Sarah Lagen said...

This is a great guide! I just sent it to my brother and told him to take his pick for gift ideas!!

Thank you for sharing!

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