Wednesday, January 22, 2014

101 Things in 1001 Days

Inspired by Mackenzie at Design Darling, I've created my own 101 Things in 1,001 days! it's so fun to dream big, yet also keep yourself accountable by having it all in writing! I will keep the list updated as I try to achieve each item on my list. I can't wait to see how much I am able to cross off! It's great food for thought- even if you're not a blogger!

101 Things in 1001 Days:  A List of Hopes, Dreams, + Goals!

STARTS: 1/ 22 /2014
ENDS: 10/ 19 / 2016

1. Launch a new website for La Petite Fashionista   the brand new
2. Attend a blog conference
3. Start a youtube video series
4. Launch a sister site with social media + blogging tips  (find it at!)
5. Be featured in a magazine
6. Speak at an event 
7. Do a "brand" photoshoot
8. Take a Blog Shop photoshop class 
9. Write a book

10. Perfect the art of the sock bun 
11. Finally learn how to use my sewing machine
12. Achieve a perfect smokey eye look
13. Invest in a pair of nice heels or boots
14. Style a photoshoot
15. Host a fashion show
16. Write a post about tips for finding thrifting treasures

17. Finally get pictures in all of our empty frames
18. Create a bar cart area
19. Design a home office space
20. Create DIY wall art
20. Keep a plant alive
21. Learn how to can
22. Revamp a piece of antique furniture
23. Hold a yard sale

24. Beat Kyle on a weekly Fitbit challenge
25. Stop drinking soda
26. Get involved with the Tone it Up program
27. Try 5 new healthy smoothie recipes
28. Go ice skating
29. Try a unique workout class
30. Take a dance class 
31. Go stand up paddleboarding 

32. Compile a recipe box of family recipes
33. Attempt to make macarons
34. Make a fancy date night dinner
35. Try meatless mondays for a month
36. Take a cooking class
37. Create a signature cocktail

38. Take a spontaneous road trip
39. Visit Hawaii 
40. Start a travel savings fund
41. Travel to Europe
42. Stay at an all inclusive resort 
43. Stay at a bed and breakfast
44. Go wine tasting in Napa

45.Watch the entire Star Wars series
46. Read a book a month
47. Watch an entire tv series in one sitting on Netflix
48. Go see a comedian
49. Attend a show at the theater
50. Catch a broadway show in Chicago
50. Go to a concert

50. Sign up for paperless billing
51. Spend the last 15 minutes of each evening technology free
52. Do yoga stretching each morning for a week
53. Write down something I'm grateful for each day
54. Send a compliment/kudos each day on twitter 
55. Volunteer
56. Become a mentor

57. Have a girls weekend away
58. Send each friend snail mail on their birthday
59. Have a monthly skype chat 
58. Visit a friend in a new city
59. Call my grandpa every week
60. Help teach my dad about social media
61. Take a getaway with my little sissy

62. Learn calligraphy
63. Design an invitation or announcement for someone
64. Start a project life scrapbook
65. Take a wine + paint class
66. Visit an art museum

67. Determine who has the best cheese curds in Madison
68. Attend a concert on the square
69. Take a campus tour
70. Go to a badgers basketball game
71. Host friends at my grandparent's lake house
72. Visit Door county
73. Bike ride to a farmer's market 
74. Take a sunrise yoga class on the lake
75. Go camping at a state park
76. Hike at Devil's Lake
77. Have a touristy weekend in Wisconsin Dells
78. Spend an entire evening sharing pitchers at Memorial Union
79. Get my picture with Bucky Badger
80. Go to Summerfest in Milwaukee
81. Attend a summer festival

82. Set a budget + stick to it
83. Hire someone to help me do my taxes
84. Sign up for a library card
85. Start another savings account 
86. Be debt free in 2014 
87. Set long term life goals
88. Own a stylish business professional outfit
89. Learn how to change a tire

90. Start a wine journal
91. Go back for a football game as an alumni at FSU
92. Learn how to arrange flowers
93. Send a piece of snail mail a week
94. Write an outstanding recommendation on linkedin
95.  Host a dinner party
96. Send an email to 4 women in business I admire
97. Throw someone a surprise party
98. Celebrate a random week night with a bottle of champagne
99. Donate to a startup
100. Listen to french lessons in the car
101. Finish my list of 101 Things!

There are SO many things I want to do! I would love to see your lists as well- what are your 101 things to do in 1001 days?

xoxo, lauren


Lyn said...

There are so many things I want to do (I guess most of the people have lots of dreams/wishes/hopes/.. Whatever you like to call it) but I actually find it very hard to say now 'these are the things I want to do'
Maybe it is because I'm in my finals (already studying for 1.5 month, non-stop) so next week when they are over, I'm going to seriously think about it!
Very nice list by the way :) xx lyn

Kelsey said...

This list is great, especially the Wisconsin section! If you've never had cheese curds at Merchant, make sure to include those in your sampling adventure

Dianna M. said...

I love, love, love this! I am such a list-maker/planner and writing things down motivates me to stick with my goals and dreams. I'm going to take some time to make my list this weekend & I'm totally stealing some of your ideas! {i.e. "Attempt to make macarons.", "Send a piece of snail mail a week." <3

Lindsay said...

Such a good idea! Have you guys watched Luther on Netflix yet? That's a perfect one to binge in one sitting.

Anonymous said...

love your list! i am slowly checking things off my list!

Shannon Berkery said...

What a great list Lauren! I'm still working on finishing my list and this may have been the inspiration I needed :)

Tomissa said...

I am so excited to see how this goes for you, dear!

Emily {Isnt That Charming} said...

Girlfriend - this list is amazing and I give you so much credit for attempting this! It's such a good idea to write down goals and keep track of progress. I find that, if I don't, I tend to forget!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!
Isn’t That Charming.

Leigha Woelffer said...

These are AWESOME! I might have to steal some :)

erintagle said...

Attend a blog conference is on my radar too. Guess I need to start that blog?

What conference are you looking at? ALT next year? Inquiring mind wants to know!


erintagle said...

And you know what we (my 4 bff's and I) do for dinner parties? We each take a month, every other month, and host. It's so much fun! We pick themes, send out invitations and go wild. Our month is April and we're doing a Spanish tapas on the deck evening, complete with a musician. LOL It's so Martha Stewart meets Southern, and we love it. I can't wait to see what you do! Even our husbands look forward to it.

Charlena Leonard said...

Doing 101 things in 1001 days is a great challenge for yourself, Lauren! Some may think it’s difficult, especially on the part of being debt-free and sticking on the budget, because those are the things that are not easy to maintain. But I think with your determination, and should your business succeed, everything will fall to their rightful place. Good luck!

Charlena Leonard @ Weidner Law

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