Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Stylish New & LPF Media Launch!

I am SO excited to announce the launch of a brand new homepage and new venture called LPF Media, where I'll be sharing social media tips + tricks. My blog has grown to be so much more than a blog! I wanted a homepage that felt very "me"- the aesthetics and design as well as a place to feature all of the projects I'm working on! I designed everything using squarespace + love the outcome of the site and how intuitive the design was.

La Petite Fashionista Homepage

I'll be sharing more of my branding strategy and design for the site in a post tomorrow on the LPF Media Blog, but more on that later! Let me share with you what LPF Media will be all about.

In my seven years of blogging, I've been able to answer so many questions to help people start their blogs, grow their audience, and learn the basics of building their sites. It's been so fun to watch other bloggers and companies I've worked with grow in their social media space. 

I wanted a site to offer my freelance services and to keep my social media tips + tricks on a site to keep La Petite Fashionista's focus on inspiring + affordable design, and LPF Media's focus on social media with style!

Join me in my new venture on twitter, facebook  & the blog!

Cheers to new adventures to come for La Petite Fashionista! Thank you for your support!

xoxo, lauren


Sarah @ Shades of Sarah said...

Congrats, it looks great!

~ Sarah
Shades of Sarah

Tomissa said...

In lurve!!

Katie said...

The new site looks great, Lauren! Congratulations! I look forward to following along.

xo Katie

Camille said...

Congrats on your new site Lauren! I am so amazed by everything that you have accomplished!

my blog:

erintagle said...

Ok, I love, love, love your homepage and it looks like something I want for me (starting a blog + already existing e-commerce site). YOU are so talented, my friend! GREAT JOB! I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for you.


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