Monday, January 6, 2014

Glam Bachelorette Party + Free Party Printables!

A couple of days a go I shared a few of my favorite details of my besties bridal shower & also wanted to share a few fun snapshots, ideas & printables from our classy, glam bachelorette party too! 

It was SUCH a fun girl's night filled with lots of champagne, pink lipstick and dancing. I made some fun printables that I'll share that helped decorate our hotel room and helped create a glam bachelorette atmosphere. The guests all rocked little black dresses & our bride to be stood out in a colorful dress! 

La Petite Fashionista: Glam Bachelorette Party

We had a ton of fun getting ready for the night- my lovely and beautiful sister is the makeup expert in my family. So she did some smoky eyes for us, and everyone rocked some bright pink lips and kissy face pictures in true bachelorette fashion.

La Petite Fashionista: Glam #Bachelorette Party// LBD's + Pink Lips

One of the most fun things we did for the bridal shower & bachelorette party was designate a #hashtag - so guests could post their pictures from the parties on social media and the bride would be able to find them all later. It was so much fun checking the feed to see who had posted pictures throughout the weekend.

La Petite Fashionista: Glam #Bachelorette Party

I made goodie bags for everyone by picking up the most adorable gold polka dotted bags from Forever 21 & filling them with hot pink nail polish & lipstick, a mud mask & LPF koozie. The bride to be got the absolute cutest Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit for Brides. She's SO excited to have it for her wedding day!

La Petite Fashionista: Glam #Bachelorette Party Goodie Bags

As promised, here are some fun glam bachelorette party printables! After all doesn't love a little bit of bubbly?The mini ones are meant to be labels for champagne bottles, but are equally as cute as signs to decorate the hotel room!

Time to Drink Champagne and Dance on the Table Printable

Bachelorette Bubbly Champgne Bottle Printable Label >> Click here for more #bachelorette printables:  "He Liked It So He Put a Ring On It" Champgne Bottle Printable Label >> Click here for more #bachelorette printables:

What would your dream bachelorette party be? Or for all of the married ladies, how did you celebrate your bachelorette party?

xoxo, lauren


Camille said...

These printables are so cute! My favorite is the "he liked it so he put a ring on it". I also love that you all wore little black dresses and then the bride to be wore a colored dress.

I have a while till I have to worry about bachelorette parties (I'm only 18!), but I hope mine will be as fun as this one!


jazzyphizz said...

So cute and classy! I love tasteful Bachelorette parties that are still fun!


Sherin said...

Sounds like such a fun night. Your dress is insanely gorgeous.

Lauren said...

too cute! i am so not ready for any of my friends to get married, but am so overdue for a batchelorette party

laurensparkle said...

thank you so much for sharing the printables - we used them and made a few matching extras for a recent bachelorette party! so perfect.
xo, lauren

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