Monday, February 17, 2014

Latest Lust: Stylish Office Spaces

If you read my big announcement last week, you know that I'm starting my own social media management and consulting business, LPF Media! I am thrilled for this new opportunity and of course with working on La Petite Fashionista for so many years I've always dreamed of having my own workspace. For now, I'll be doing some working from home and some from a cool techy startup shared workspace. In the future, I'd love to have a creative space like these.

I've selected a few of my favorite stylish office spaces & some of the key pieces to get the look:

Stylish Office Spaces: Ultra Glam

Stylish Offices: Bright & Cheery

Stylish Office Space: Perfectly Preppy

Seriously though, how inspiring are these workspaces? I feel like I'm so lucky to be surrounded by so many creative and inspiring people and mentors. Maya, Katelyn, Sam & I have been working on growing our network of Midwest Bloggers for the past year and we were so excited on the amazing response to our new Midwest Bloggers site today!

A stylish workspace, is an inspiring workspace!

xoxo, lauren


Lyn said...

I see some really nice things!
It is so mich nicer to work/study in a beautiful, cosy place :)
xo Lyn

Jen Dang said...

Great office inspo! Love the pops of color in each!

xo Jen
Skirt The Rules

Meg Lewis said...

I love the framed "Get it Girl"--hilarious!!
xox Meg

Camille said...

My favorite is the "ultra glam" inspired office space. The "get it girl" print is PERFECT!!!


Anonymous said...

This selection is great!

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