Friday, March 28, 2014

5 Tips For a More Stylish + Organized Closet

It's that time of year again! Time to clean out your closets, put away the heavy coats and sweaters and break out your spring dresses again. I've rounded up a few of my favorite tips for a more stylish & organized closet. Trust me, after squeezing my fashionista wardrobe into a shared closet with my boyfriend I've learned a lot over the past year about space efficiency & organization!

5 Tips for a Stylish + Organized Closet
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5 Tips for a More Stylish + Organized Closet: 

1. Save Space with Velvet Hangers Not only do no-slip velvet hangers keep clothes from falling off the hangers- they're so slim that they allow you to hang more in your closet (Win, Win!)

2. Use Lucite Trays to Store Jewelry in Drawers: The best part about clear lucite trays & drawers for jewelry storage is that you can see where everything it is instead of hiding it away in a dark jewelry box (I'm partial to the monogrammed ones!)

3. Utilize Bookcases for Shoe Displays: If you have the space- there's really no better way to organize and showcase a gorgeous collection of shoes than on bookcase shelves (Ikea has a great model for this!)

4. Organize Your Clothes by Color: Not only does this make a colorful statement in your closet- it also helps you to more easily visualize what you already own and what "holes" there are in your closet.

5. Store Small Items in Matching Boxes: Colorful boxes are great for storing smaller items in your closet- scarves, cold weather accessories, tights! Making sure the boxes or storage bins match, or coordinate, will make them feel more cohesive.

5 Tips for a More Stylish + Organized Closet

Now that you've seen my 5 closet organizing tips, I've got the organizational tools of the trade to help you make your closet a more stylish & happy place!

How do you keep your closet stylish + organized?

xoxo, lauren


Carrie said...

Great tips! I'm definitely going to arrange clothes by color now.

Sherin said...

I definitely need to organise my closet better - it hasn't been able to close in months! Cant wait to use these tips.

Allison said...

I organize my closet by color and article of clothing (hello, OCD). So it goes from plaids to sweaters to dress shirts, etc. It really does help me find things though! :)
Perfect suggestions, love!

Maria Modl said...

I've been thinking about organizing my clothes by color, and this post just convinced me to finally do it! Since I'm a very visual person, I like being able to see all of my clothes and accessories when I get dressed in the morning because it helps me come up with even more outfit combinations :)

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