Thursday, March 6, 2014

LPF's March Inspiration Board

March has already been a magical month. I got to see my best friend get married (congrats Mrs. Saucy Jocey's Kitchen) I also spoke on a blogging panel last nigh at UW-Madison for Moda Magazine with a few of my fave ladies- Katelyn, Maya & Gabrielle! It's been a really exciting blogger filled month!

I also had thevery exciting  honor of jetsetting to San Fran for a partnership with Nordstrom Rack  on their #ShopGenius campaign (getting to meet a ton of lovely bloggers like, CaitlinAlicia + Taylor!)- but more on that later.  You can sneak a peek at my photoshoot on instagram -it was a definite pinch me moment!

I've pulled together a few of the things inspiring me in March- from blogging beachside to sparkling maxi skirts, motivational prints & pineapple parties. I am feeling refreshed, inspired, and ready to take on the world right now!

La Petite Fashionista: March Inspiration Board


This board has me dreaming of warmer weather and Springtime! A pineapple decor themed party is definitely happening this year, I am determined to learn how to do something fun with my hair, and I can't believe those statement earrings are only $6.00! I also think I most definitely need the "Who Runs the World" print for my new desk space.

What are you feeling inspired by this month?

xoxo, lauren


Jessica said...

Blogging beachside sounds so amazing right now! I'm hoping spring shows up sooner, rather than later :)

26 and Not Counting

Taylor {Taste of Taylor} said...

love this idea! while i won't be beachside this month (or any time soon) i can definitely rock that curly pony and some statement earrings!

Maya McDonald said...

Love this! I'm going to get on a mood board this weekend, and I love this inspiration!
Hope you had a nice relaxing day at home :) xx

megdanderson said...

loving this board! especially on a cloudy, cold nyc day -- so cheerful and bright! have a great weekend!

Gabrielle @ LookSharpSconnie said...

It was seriously so great meeting you. You're the nicest person ever, and you deserve every good opportunity that comes your way :)
I'm so glad all of your hard work is paying off, and I can't wait to come see you rock the Nordstrom Rack launches.

Let's get together soon & take cute instagram pictures of our coffees ;)
kidding. sort of.


Camille said...

I LOVE your inspiration board!


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