Sunday, April 20, 2014

Latest Lust: Yoga Sesh

When life gets chaotic and crazy, there's nothing like a yoga session to help you find your balance again.On a warm day this week, I walked out to the backyard & set out my mat for a little relaxation and refocusing. It's amazing how just taking even 15 minutes out of your busy day to do some breathing and stretching and clearing your mind can make you a happier person!

My little sister, Allie, is my fitness inspiration. I am always picking up tips on her "Keep Your Balance" instagram, and she's always whipping up something healthy and delicious or rocking a stylish workout getup. Seriously, follow her on instagram- she's one inspiring lady!

Keep Your Balance

I follow tons of yogis on instagram & I love watching their daily routines and am always in awe of their flexibility and lifestyle! I would definitely enjoy a retreat somewhere tropical doing yoga and surfing today. I'm sharing a few of my favorite yoga accessories & inspiration images below- Including my lotus pendant necklace from Uncommon Goods! You can shop nore jewelry here.

Latest Lust: Yoga

As I mentioned, Uncommon Goods sent over one of their Lotus Pendants for me and putting it on gives me that feeling of instant relaxation! Uncommon Goods, is based in Brooklyn and I'm a big fan of their unique designs- they make awesome gifts. See more of their curated gift items (including some more yoga pendants) here. And SERIOUSLY I need a monogram yoga mat in my life!

Fitness Faves

Just to share a few of my favorite instagram yogis that I am continuously inspired by : beachyogagirlyoga_girl,  laurasykora & gypsetgoddess!

What or who do you look to for fitness motivation or inspiration? What type of exercise helps you best manage stress and get fit at the same time? I'm always looking for fun new playlists, workouts to try, and healthy meals!

xoxo, lauren


Maya McDonald said...

Your little sister is so inspiring! I love following her on IG :) Also, you're the cutest, ever.

Sherin said...

I love yoga. I recently took it up and am already obsessed.

Jessica said...

Lately I've been running to relieve stress and stay in shape. I've never been to an actual yoga class, but it's on my list of 27 things! I am seriously lacking in the flexibility department :)

26 and Not Counting

Tabet said...

I like Yoga, but I think Pilates is sometime more challenging.
I myself love Zumba, Dance and Poledance most! :)

Laura B said...

I love long runs for stress relief. I totally feel relaxed during a run! And it keeps me in great shape!

Nikki said...

Yoga is my go to work out! I practice 3 to 4 days a week, and I can't get enough! I would love to have a monogrammed yoga mat, but I love my Lululemon one so much I could never change. Those striped leggings are too cute!


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