Wednesday, April 30, 2014

LPF Latest Lust: Colorful Coffee Makers

It started with a pinterest picture. This gorgeous coffee bar setup via A Beautiful Mess instantly caught my eye. Was it the perfectly arranged flowers, DIY coffee syrups, or local coffee grounds..? No. It was the bright orange espresso machine. This mere image sparked a hunt for the perfect colorful coffee maker. It makes such a bold statement sitting on a countertop- and as a major coffee junkie I can't imagine anything better!

I've rounded up my favorite colorful coffee maker picks & I think it's easy to see why anyone would want one would want one in their kitchen!

La Petite Fashionista- Latest Lust: Colorful Coffee Makers

Shop Colorful Coffee Makers

Would you use one of these colorful coffee makers in your kitchen? They make quite a statement, but it's such a small appliance that it's a fun way to incorporate color without being overpowering in your kitchen!

Which color is your favorite? I'm partial to the pink (imagine that! ;)

xoxo, lauren


Lindsay Ropella said...

I would absolutely DIE for that soft pink one but I'm not sure the husbster would approve of it sitting out in our kitchen. :) Have to just say I'm so excited to just have found your blog through the Midwestern Bloggers group! I'm a Wisconsinite myself so I love finding other bloggers who are close to me. Excited to follow along with you! :)

Jacy said...

So cute and fun! I love the yellow Kuerig :)


Tomissa said...

I couldn't live without my Bodum! Any fun color is a great addition to a kitchen area -- especially something as small as my studio!

Anna said...

OMG all of these are adorable. I really want the pink one. xx


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