Friday, May 30, 2014

Dog Days of Summer

I miss having a dog around- but my schedule makes it tough. So, I love when my boyfriend's family dog, Lucy, comes to stay with us. She's the sweetest weimaraner who loves nothing more than snuggling up toyou & a walk around the neighborhood. I snapped these over the weekend on one of her walks. Even though she's not my family dog, she's accepted me as one of her own.

Note to self: fabulous dog walking editorials are not really an option with a strong willed pup who won't sit still. But- that's okay, I love these anyway- and our walks today.

Dog Days of Summer
Dress: Nordstrom Rack | Heels: 6pm | Dog: Lucy
Dog Days of Summer

On a fashion note. I score this striped little number on one of my last visits to Nordstrom Rack. It's  comfy, flattering and perfectly preppy- which pretty much meets all the LPF criteria! It's dress season FINALLY- so I'm going to be taking full advantage.

Happy Friday y'all!

xoxo, lauren


Lindsay Ropella said...

That dress is perfect!! And kudos to you for walking a big dog like that in heels! My pup is only 12 pounds and I still have to wear running shoes to handle walks with her lol

Rachel Lynne said...

Awwww LUCY is so cute! I love having a doggie but sometimes I feel bad because I don't give her enough attention, I try to balance it out by spending A LOT of time with her when I can!

Sherin said...

She is the prettiest thing ever. And this is definitely the cutest look I've ever seen on anyone walking a dog. The dress is so pretty.

Nikki said...

Lucy is too cute!! I wish I could take really cute "dog walking" pictures with my dogs (or really any pictures) but they are both really crazy and never stay still! Love that dress on you!


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