Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Diving into Summer with the Lands' End #GetawayTour

The Lands' End #GetawayTour came to Madison this weekend for its last stop and I was thrilled to have the chance to be a part of it. I've been helping with the tour a bit you see- I had the excitement of hosting a google hangout live from the NYC tour stop (you might spot me in this video) with a Lands' End swimwear designer & Glamour Magazine Glambassador, Kendall Farr. But, it was so fun to experience the event as a blogger.

Lands' End #GetawayTour

I got to go with two fellow blogging girlfriends Emily & Kendall! In a short hour I learned exactly what type of swimsuit I needed to be wearing to flatter my body type thanks to their fit pro & girl talk with expert stylist (and author of the Pocket Stylist), Kendall Farr!

Style Tips from Kendall Farr at the Lands' End #GetawayTour

Kendall was a blast to talk to- she taught us more about taking our look from beach to brunch (helloo gorge accessories & cover ups!) to sunglasses that flatter our face (mirror a similar silhouette of sunglasses  that your face has!) & some pearls of fashion wisdom.

I think one of the things Kendall talked about that stuck with me most was about dressing for your age & body type. She says that you should strive to be the most stylish AND the smartest woman in the room. I couldn't agree more! It's about knowing that not every trend can be worn by everyone and finding swimwear that flatter you and make you feel confident and beautiful.

Stylish Swim Tees at the Lands' End #GetawayTour

The event itself was so cool- a traveling pop up beach house complete with top deck beach chairs & copies of Glamour Magazine, videos featuring tips on finding your perfect swim fit & gorgeous swimwear galore. I'm pretty obsessed with the swim tees- I'm a surfer girl at heart, and they are such a stylish take on a rashguard with UPF 50 protection. You can see me rocking a perfectly polka dotted one in the video.

This retro glam, old Hollywood style,  Bella Flora print collection was a blogger favorite (check out The Style Letters & Look Sharp Sconnie looking seriously gorge)! Being as print obsessed as I am I had to try it on!

I got a professional swim fitting from a Lands' End swimwear designer, Freyja. Not going to lie, I was the teensiest bit terrified of having someone take my measurements and recommend a swimsuit. So often we go in thinking we're one size or that we want a certain style of swimsuit- and end up unhappy with the results. 

Luckily, the fit experts at Lands' End were pros and made it completely painless & actually a fantastic experience! It's pretty magical when you actually take the steps to ensure you have the perfect fit.

It was such a fun weekend and awesome experience!

xoxo, lauren


Unknown said...

lol, I hate to jump on the "blogger bandwagon" but I totally loved the bella flora suit as well. It's just the perfect mix of coverage while still being fun and flirty. I also really liked a few of the more modern one-piece suits though as well. So great seeing you there - hope to see you again soon at the next event!! :)

Unknown said...

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