Monday, June 16, 2014


Today I'm participating in one of my good friend, Maya's campaigns, #RealBloggerBeauty. A day to share whatever we want about embracing ourselves, feeling comfortable in our own skin, and not getting caught up in the competition of the blogging world. Be sure to read everyone's moving stories today!

For me it started with a comment "You look better with your hair down, why would you wear it in a ponytail".. a comment an old boyfriend made to me many years ago. It's funny the things that stick with you- things that people don't mean to be hurtful but really do effect you. Everyone wants to be the best version of themselves, so if someone tells you that something doesn't flatter you, you internalize that!

 I never really realized how much those words had stuck with me until someone asked me "Why don't you ever wear your hair up, you know other than when you're at the gym?". I had to really think about it, and when I did, I realized it was because of that statement so many years ago.

When the top knot trend came around in the fashion world, I tried it and quickly decided it wasn't for me- remembering that "I didn't look as good with my hair up." It sounds so silly, right? Especially when it wasn't meant to hurt my feelings (or give me a lifelong aversion to ponytails!). Safe to say I'm finally getting over it, embracing my inner #GirlBoss and doing what I want to do with my hair ;)

 I'm writing today's post because I want you, lovely reader, to truly think about the things you say to people about their appearance. I'm lucky enough to not have ever had a boyfriend or family member comment on my weight or body type, but I imagine that would have affected me 10x worse.

Our brain somehow chooses to remember the worst and never the positive. My two cents? Keep the negativity to your self, fill people's life with joy and help them focus on the positive. We all do a good enough job pointing out our flaws that we don't need someone else to do that for us. 

Sorry for getting a little sappy on you today friends, but in the spirit of the Real Blogger Beauty movement, I thought it was more than necessary! Please do share your story today and leave it in the comments so I can show you some love!

xoxo, lauren


Dianna M. said...

Aw, you always look adorable, Lauren! I completely understand where you're coming from though. When I was a little girl I remember my mom telling me {harmlessly, of course} that yellow wasn't my color because of my skin tone. It was probably said without thinking, but for YEARS I wouldn't wear yellow! Fast forward to a few years ago, I found a really cute dress that only came in yellow & literally asked a random stranger in the dressing room next to me if she thought it looked bad with my skin tone! haha Long story short, I bought the dress and received so many compliments whenever I would wear it. Sometimes those little things stick with us; maybe there's some partial truth in them. But I think attitude and self confidence go a long way in feeling and looking good! Thanks for sharing some of your insecurities, you're a gorgeous gal with a beautiful spirit! xo

Rachel said...

Ugh that's so terrible! I've had lots of guys/girls say "Oh your hair looks so nice straight" compared to my natural curl and that always stings a bit. You have a great outlook on it though and you look adorable with your hair up! :)

Jessica said...

I had a similar situation with a high school boyfriend and his words regarding my appearance have sort of stuck. You are GORGEOUS whether or not your hair is up or down! Can't wait to see more posts with you rockin' that ponytail ;)

Alissa said...

BOYS ARE SO STUPID! Ugh. I had a boyfriend tell me I had big thighs and ever since then I have been soooo paranoid. It's stupid and he was a jerk but it's stuck with me.

You ROCK that ponytail girl.

Alissa said...

BOYS ARE SO STUPID! Ugh. I had a boyfriend tell me I had big thighs and ever since then I have been soooo paranoid. It's stupid and he was a jerk but it's stuck with me.

You ROCK that ponytail girl.

Nikki said...

Ughhh people can be so mean - girls and boys! I think you look adorable with your hair up or down. I have really loved reading these Real Blogger Beauty posts! Such a fab idea!


awhite said...

Excuse me, you are a total babe no matter HOW you wear your hair. People don't realize how these little, flippant comments can stick with people for years and years.

You are gorgeous and talented and an inspiration. Work that ponytail like a boss. :)


Erica Zurawski said...

My mother made the exact same comment to me in middle school...cue endless hours in front of the mirror trying to look like the other girls at soccer games. You are so right, it's comments like these that stick and burrow down deep into our routines. It took me a month of wearing only pony tails to get over it. You aren't the only one, thanks for sharing!!!
x, Erica

Johanna said...

That's just look great in a ponytail! Don't change a thing!

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