Friday, August 29, 2014

Best Books for a #GirlBoss

I cannot believe that a year ago, working in the corporate world, the idea of being my own boss seemed so far out of reach.. and now I'm a few days from launching my first round of the "Social Media with Style Workshop"! My #GirlBoss journey is only just beginning, but I'm so grateful to be pursuing something I'm so passionate about- helping others find their blogging bliss & social media success!

I love being a part of the blogging community because it seems like everyone is a whole lot like me- ambitious, creative, and fully embracing the creative process. This tee from Midwest fashion line, Maverick Hill says it best- "Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do". It won't always be easy, you might have to work 80 hours a week so you don't have to work a 40-hr per week job, but if your heart is in it..  you can make those dreams happen.

Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do - Tee by Maverick Hill  

Since I first set off on this entrepreneurial journey I've been trying to soak up every ounce of wisdom I can- listening to podcasts & audiobooks, reading books, going to conferences.

I wanted to share a few of the books on my #girlboss reading list- all written by women for women to inspire, motivate, and give you just the kick in the butt you need to go work for those dreams.

Best Books for a #Girlboss | The Reading List

The #GirlBoss Reading List:
  1.  #GIRLBOSS: The book that sparked a million #hashtags. But seriously, Sophia, founder of has some no-nonsense applicable advice and talks about her struggles as well as successes.
  2.  By Invitation Only: Alexandra and Alexis are founders of Gilt Groupe- the site that originated the fashion flash sale, forever changing the way we shop online.
  3.  Thrive: Arianna Huffington talks about what's more important than money & power to feeling truly successful & how essential it is to strike a balance as to not achieve burnout.
  4.  Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead Sheryl Sandberg, CEO of Facebook encourages women to "sit at the table", seek challenges, take risks & pursue their goals.
  5. Fearless & Fabulous: 10 powerful strategies for getting anything you want in life and how to overcome the fears that get in the way.
  6. The Woman I Wanted to Be: A soon to be released memoir from iconic fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg reflects on her extraordinary life- challenges and breakthroughs.
  7. The Confidence Code: Deconstructing the elusive and mystifying characteristic of confidence & offering a way to introduce more if it into our lives.
  8. Mistakes I Made at Work: 25 Influential women entrepreneurs share their worst mistakes & how they learned from them on their way to success.
Have a favorite business book/podcast? DO share, I love adding to my reading lists. Fellow #girlboss, just getting started? Feel free to send me an email, I love the moral support!
xoxo, lauren
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alexandrasperrazza said...

Great list! I just ordered #GIRLBOSS and cannot wait to read it :)

Tesheena Lowry said...

Thank for posting this list. I have read all but 2 and I will be adding them to by collection. Love your site design and site name.

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