Monday, August 11, 2014

Latest Lust: Mid-Century Modern Decor

As I've mentioned oh.. just a few times before. It's really freaking hard to compromise on interior design when you and your guy both have strong & differing points of view. Thankfully, there are a few things we both can agree on.. reclaimed wood, graphic art prints, & mid-century furniture. We've been itching to finally get rid of our outdated  armoire in favor of something more modern. 

After a jaw dropping trip to the furniture store ($1,000 for a new dresser.. not in my budget!)- I've been determined to find something more affordable. Then, like it was meant to be- we saw a perfect mid-century dresser on the side of the road of a local consignment store.. for $100. We bought it on the spot!

Ever since then I've been pinning away Mid Century Modern design inspiration for our home.

Latest Lust: Mid-Century Modern Design

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I'm obsessed with all of the Mid-Century style furniture at West Elm right now (& would love to someday splurge on an Eames lounger from Design Within Reach!):

If you've heard the term "mid-century" thrown around, but aren't exactly sure what it means, don't worry! It was a design period from the 40's to late 60's characterized by clean lines, graphic patterns & geometric pieces. Mad Men has made this design style incredibly popular!

 I think one of the trickiest things about mid-century era furniture can be ending up with a room that looks like it belongs in another decade. It's all about balance- pair it back to super modern lighting, arts & prints to keep it mid century modern rather than like walking into an antique store! Thrift stores, estate sales & antique stores are a great place to look for pieces from this era.

What's the best thrifting/antique/garage sale gem you've ever found?

xoxo, lauren

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Jessica said...

Such great taste! I need to get out and about and do more thrifting and hit up some estate sales. I always see them, but I never make time :)

Sarah Lagen said...

Looks like you are on your way to creating a beautiful home!! I like your style!

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