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When I first heard Carolina Alvo's mission, I knew we were stylish kindred spirits. At 5'0 I know what it's like to never be able to buy a pair of regular length denim off the rack (no lie.. I end up buying cropped pants so they'll be full length on me), proportions that are all wrong, and don't get me started on the comments from people. I would be one happy girl if I never have to hear "you're SO short" uttered in relation to my petite stature!
CEO & Founder, Carolina Misano Alvo
Carolina Alvo is on a mission to change all of that. 50% of women in the US are petite (5'4 or under), yet it's nearly impossible to find petite clothing that isn't just a cropped down version of the regulars What few petite clothing does exist tends to be super outdated or unflattering. Carolina is launching a line of clothing for petites, made by petites - specifically basics that are wardrobe essentials and surprisingly hard to find for petite women. She even has a Kickstarter campaign to produce the perfect petite dress.
I had the opportunity to talk to Carolina on the phone & we both laughed over stories expressing our frustration over shopping as a petite woman and following your entrepreneurial pursuits. I think what resonated with me most was the movement that #PetiteIsPowerful that she wants to convey. So often petite women are quite literally looked down upon & sometimes our height even becomes a point of embarrassment. She wants everyone to know that petite is powerful- embrace it!
I love talking to fellow women entrepreneurs so I had to ask her for her advice. She said that the fear of failing is the hardest thing to overcome as an entrepreneur and pursuing your passion- ignore it! Also, do small experiments to test your product with your target market before you get too deep into your idea. Favorite business book? Anything by Seth GodinDelivering Happiness- about the founder of Zappos.
Go check out Carolina Alvo's kickstarter campaign & fellow petite girls- share the #petiteispowerful message!
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Jaelan @ Making Mrs. M said...

My goodness! Can someone PLEASE make a pair of jeans that fit me correctly?! At 5'1" I have such a hard time finding cute, trendy jeans. I love that she's doing this, and I'll absolutely support her endeavor.

anrusso said...

I think this holds true for tall girls too! I'm 5'6 and I hate jean shopping because longs are never long enough! Forget trying to find dress pants that don't turn into high waters! I'm also finding that now that I'm too old for Juniors that the women's sections fits strangely on me. But what a neat project, I have a lot of friends who this would be perfect for!


Sherin said...

Yes! This sounds great. I struggle more with tops. It is impossible to find them that fit. I have to usually buy cropped too and that's when they fit.

awhite said...

Yay for petites! I'm not technically petite (5'5, so almost), but I still have to routinely get things tailored and such to fit. The strugggggggle, haha. :)

Great post, doll!


Teresa Jun said...

Love this post! I'm tiny too, so I'm also a huge fan of the #petiteispowerful message. Very motivating. Just wanted to say your adorable blog is one of several that inspired me to start a petite fashion blog of my own. It's still very, very new. But I wanted to just introduce myself and say hi!

~ Teresa

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