Wednesday, September 17, 2014

#NFLFanStyle: Green Bay Packers

I don't know if my readers know this about me, but I was born &raised  a Green Bay Packers fan! Though I am a fairly new Wisconsin resident, my mom was born & raised in Wisco- and I've been coming up here since I was a kid. Take a look in the family scrapbooks & you'll see all of the  Packers floats we built for the annual 4th of July parade in the Northwoods! I never imagined I'd actually be living here (& loving it so much).

I'm never one to sacrifice style to represent my favorite football team. Thankfully, the new collection of NFL Apparel is sporting some serious style. The fashionable new pieces go way beyond game day and football season with trendy silhouettes,embellishments & graphics.

I'm showcasing my Green Bay Packers style as a part of the NFL Fan Style Campaign! 

#NFLFanStyle: Green Bay Packers

What I'm Wearing: Green Bay Packers G-III Holy Sweatshirt -

#NFLFanStyle: Green Bay Packers

#NFLFanStyle: Green Bay Packers

It's so fun combining two of my favorite things- fashion & football in today's outfit post! I think I've given myself an unofficial mission to be the chicest Cheesehead. Check out - they have all of  for your fashionable football gear - no matter which team is your favorite!

Are you a fellow fashionable football fan? What team do you cheer on?

xoxo, lauren

Thank you to NFL Shop for sponsoring this post. All opinions are own (I LOVE football!)


Ali Weber said...

I was raised a cheesehead too! My dad is from Wisconsin and was determined to make us fans too. It didn't work so well, I'm not a huge football person in general, and after the Seahawks win last year its hard to escape the infectious 12th man pride here!

Lets be honest, I'm in it for the beer dip.

Katie said...

Those photos of you are stunning! My hubby and I are more into college football - Go Big Red! But, I playing fantasy football for the first time this year with a bunch of bloggers! :)

anrusso said...

I'm not huge on the NFL, but if I Had to pick a team I'd probably say The Cheifs since it's the only NFL game I've been to! I will say that Denver has some SERIOUS football fans. Come Sundays everyone here is decked out in navy and orange. I do love this sweater though! Fun to mix it up other than the typical jersey.


Rachel Lynne said...

STOP BEING SO GORGEOUS! But seriously though, you make this look so cute! I am also a Packers fan, so WHOOT WHOOT! Iowans choose between the Bears, the Vikings and the Packers so props to my grandpa for choosing the correct team ;)

Sherin said...

Amazing! I love wearing team colours, but can never do it stylishly. You look so good in them.

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