Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Try This Trend: Indoor Plants

We're in the midst of doing some redecorating. I'm grateful to have a boyfriend who trusts me to make interior design decisions (especially since he's seen the extremely girly bachelorette pad that I lived in when we first started dating). I'll photograph a grand reveal  our rustic modern abode when it's all done, but for now I've just been sharing a few peeks on instagram.

One of the design elements I absolutely love (and brings in some great feng shui) are indoor plants. They're seriously trending in the interior design world as well. I have been trying to incorporate more and more green elements to bring some life into our living room. I have a feeling I'll be especially grateful come Winter!

I'm sharing my inspiration to try the indoor plant trend  in today's roundup.

Try This Trend: Indoor Plants
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Glam Green Plants to get the look for your own home (no green thumb necessary!)

The biggest bummer for our living room? We get really limited natural light, it's super hard to keep plants alive. So, I've resorted to finding really good fakes (like the ones pictured above). I'm a fan of the fiddle leaf fig, succulents, palms, & even mini cactus. Try using one large plant to make a statement or grouping together a few smaller ones.

Do you have any indoor plants (real or faux?)

xoxo, lauren


Jessica said...

I have succulents and surprisingly enough, I haven't killed them yet! I want to purchase a fiddle leaf fig next, but like you, lighting is limited.

Lindsay said...

Love the new site! It looks so good! I'm also a big fan of succulents, and whenever you come to Chicago Maya and I will have to take you to Alapash!

Rachel said...

I'm obsessed with succulents lately- they are so pretty!

Sherin said...

I love this interiors trend. I'm not tempted to buy a plant for my desk at work.

Florianne said...

I think some of them could go along really well with this lamp...

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