Monday, October 27, 2014

Social Media With Style Workshop

I'm so excited to share that I'll be starting the second round of the Social Media With Style Workshop! The first one was better than I could have even imagined and connected me with so many inspiring bloggers. We just opened up sign-ups & my readers can get 10% off the course with code LPFLove!
 I wasn't sure what to expect with my first workshop, but I knew that I'd put every ounce of passion and heart and knowledge into it- and it was wonderful! The group of bloggers and small business owners in my workshop were creative, talented & ambitious!  I had so much fun sharing my knowledge & seeing all of their workshop learnings come to life through branding guides, strategy & editorial calendars. I absolutely can't wait until the next session - starting on November 10th!
Social Media With Style Workshop - to help bloggers develop substance, style & strategy for their social media presence!
One of my favorite parts was being able to ask/answer questions and see all of the projects everyone was working on in our private facebook group. It was like having a built in support group of blogging friends! The best part is the group remains active long after the workshop- so it's a perfect, non-judgemental environment to ask questions, share articles & gain feedback.
In our 4 week workshop we cover everything ranging from:
  • creating a branding guide
  • designing an editorial calendar
  • facebook, twitter, instagram & pinterest analytics
  • scheduling resources to make life easier
  • how to use those analytics to optimize your blog content
  • building a media kit
  • brand partnerships & blog monetization
Each week a PDF gets sent to your inbox & becomes available in a password protected section of our website to read on your iPad/computer or print. Additionally there are worksheets to help you apply each section's learnings to your blog & social media presence.
Social Media With Style Workshop: a Workshop for Bloggers

Teaching people about social media & helping them grow their audience truly feels like my calling. I love being able to put all of my years of experience blogging on La Petite Fashionista to work!
Check out the entire course outline here & read the testimonials from our workshop alumni here! If you have any questions about the workshop feel free to send me an email. This course is perfect for anyone who's fairly new to blogging &  ready to take things to the next level or a small business trying to step up your social media game!
Don't forget LPF readers can get 10% off the course with code LPFLove when they sign up for the Social Media With Style Workshop!
xoxo, lauren


Megan Marie said...

I am so happy for you, Lauren! Way to be such an inspiration to others as you chase your dreams & passions. Thank you! xx

anrusso said...

So glad I took the course! It was more than I expected and it's been amazing to see my efforts returning results!


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