Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Top 10 Halloween Movies on Netflix (2014)

Wooohoo, it's finally October! It's one of my absolute favorite months. I love any opportunity to decorate pumpkins, fill up on candy corn, DIY Hallloween costumes & drink hot apple cider. My favorite tradition is watching Halloween movies (from spooky to kooky) to fully enjoy this month to to the fullest. 

I've already done the work of rounding up the best Halloween flicks on Netflix this month- because let's be real, how often do you spend 30 minutes searching for something to watch (guilty)?! Though not all of these movies take place during Halloween- they'll definitely get you in the spirit!

 Enjoy! I've also included a "spooky scale" rating in case you're not a huge fan of scary movies!
Top 10 Halloween Movies on Netflix
Top 10 Halloween Movies on Netflix:
(& Spooky Scale Rating 1-5)

1. Halloween: Ressurection | Spooky Scale: 4
2. Paranorman | Spooky Scale: 1
3.The Nightmare Before Christmas | Spooky Scale: 
4. Scream (1, 2, 3) | Spooky Scale: 4
5. The Craft  | Spooky Scale: 3
6. The Haunted Mansion: Spooky Scale: 2
7. Grave Encounters  | Spooky Scale: 5
8. The Addams Family | Spooky Scale: 1
9. Carrie | Spooky Scale: 3
10. World War Z | Spooky Scale: 4 

Spooky TV Series:

In addition to these you can't forget about the classics (sadly not available on Netflix but definitely worth an Amazon rental): Beetlejuice, Casper, Hocus PocusGhostbusters, & Halloweentown!

Do you have any movies you always watch around Halloween?

xoxo, lauren


Ali Weber said...

I love Hocus Pocus, total classic, but my all time favorite is Practical Magic. But also, this October is Gilmore Girls month since Netflix just added the whole series!

Kacie Firkins said...

Um, this post just made my day. I love, love, love Casper, Hocus Pocus, Beetlejuice and of course, the best of all, Halloweentown!! P.S. I'm Vampire Diaries addicted. :)


anrusso said...

Hocus Pocus is amazing and I definitely need to go buy it this year since I opted out on cable when I moved. Also love American Horror Story! I'm not a huge fan of scary movies but that show is amazing and I can't get over that it comes from the same creators as Glee!


lissabalissa said...

Probably MK & A, Double Double Toil & Trouble ;)

Kari said...

I love Hocus Pocus! That's about as scary as I go:) I'll have to check these other ones out:)

Elizabeth Seeds said...

Got to love Hocus Pocus..and netflix!! Happy October!

Maya McDonald said...

Ummm....making popcorn and watching these right meow :) Thanks for the roundup! xx

Lindsay Ropella said...

Is it embarrassing if I admit to only seeing about 3 of these movies?! Definitely know now what Eric and I will be doing this weekend!! Thanks for the recommendations!

Rachel said...

As an expat I can't use Amazon or Netflix because of the whole IP address thing (those won't work on a German IP address for some reason!) so a friend told me about I don't download anything but you can stream any movie or TV show without a log in or fee. I'm not sure how 'legal' it is, but I feel I'm already making sacrifices being away from Target and TJMaxx for 4 years! I can't wait to watch Hocus Pocus! It's always on my Halloween weekend watch list year after year!

Simon Walker said...

Ooooh, I'm loving your list! Out of the 10 movies, I think I've watched seven, and I've loved them all. Though I didn't watch anything spooky this past Halloween. Instead, I rented the Harry Potter Series and watched them from start to finish, and it was fun! Hahaha! Anyway, thank you so much for sharing! I hope you make a Christmas list as well. Cheers!

Simon Walker @ The Viewlorium

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