Thursday, November 6, 2014

Easy Entertaining: Cheese Plate

If there's one thing that I've grown to love in Wisconsin it's the cheese. Making a trip to the grocery store is ridiculous because there's literally an entire aisle of specialty cheese (no complaints here)! In fact sometimes for dinner we decide wine & cheese is all we want for dinner - which is exactly what we did last night before we leave for a mini weekend getaway!
We had the perfect excuse because I wanted to use my new herringbone cutting board from Aftcra! I put together a cheese plate with a few of our favorite cheeses (see the details below) and favorite wine. Arranging it on a pretty cheese board makes for easy entertaining if we were to have people over too!
Easy Entertaining: Cheese Plate
Easy Entertaining: Cheese Plate
Easy Entertaining: Cheese Plate
For our cheese plate I chose a Merlot BellaVitano Cheese (sort of a parmesan-like quality), Cabot Bacon Cheddar (ah-mazing),  Hook's Garlic Dill, & of course (extra squeaky) Wisconsin cheese curds. We paired it with a savory onion cracker & sliced summer sausage. Don't forget the vino- my favorite is Cupcake's Sauvignon Blanc.
I also have to say, I'm super impressed by the quality of this cheese board. Aftcra is a marketplace for products made by American hands- from pottery to prints to woodworking. Be sure to check it out for your holiday gifts this year! A few years ago I made a pledge to buy (or make) handmade for Christmas and it felt so good to support independent artisans!
xoxo, lauren


Kelsey said...

Love the Merlot BellaVitano, Sartori makes some really great cheeses. All of these other cheese look great too, especially the squeaky cheese curds, you can never go wrong.

Jessica said...

I had the most amazing cheese curds ever at the Holiday Mart event here in KC. They were from Wisconsin and I bought a whole bag. I wish I could remember the name of them off the top of my head!

Hillary @ styleinasmalltown said...

One of my favorite trays at a party...the cheese plate and throw in the Summer Sausage and it's a party! :)

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