Friday, December 5, 2014

Glam Gifts for the Fashionista (for $50 or Less!)

Sometimes the fashionistas on your list are the hardest to buy for - or so my family tells me every year! You can't go wrong with something that sparkles & fits any size- jewelry, cold weather accessories, handbags. I like to choose something cozy (slippers or faux fur scarf), colorful (statement jewelry or card holder), or sparkly (an embellished watch or cocktail ring). I've teamed up with HSN to share a few of my favorite pieces in my glam gift guide for fashionistas!
The best part is that all of these glam gifts are $50 or less! Check out my picks:

Gift Guide for the Fashionista (for $50 or less)!
Glam Gifts for the Fashionista from HSN:
1. Croco-Embossed Pouch- Snob Essentials | 2.  Heart Stud Earrings- Technibond | 3. "Luna Caprese" Dome Ring - Roberto by RFM | 4. Embellished Hat & Gloves Set- Joan Boyce | 5. "Frattapolesine" Dome Satchel - ALDO | 6. Faux Fur Cowl- A by Adrienne Landau | 7. Purple Stone Drop Necklace- Cara Couture | 8. Retro Glam Drop Earrings- R.J. Graziano | 9. Crystal Dial Leather Watch- Victoria Wieck | 10. Rhinestone Slippers- Naturalizer
If you want to make your gift recipient extra happy- do like my gramma always used to do & slip a bit of cash in the pink croco-embossed pouch. Another gift idea I love is pair the embellished slippers with a pair of pajamas for Christmas morning! A tip for the guys- you could include a sweet sentiment with the watch "I'm always having the time of my life with you"! 
Me? I'll be asking Santa for the embellished knit hat & gloves. Wisconsin is SO freezing in the winter & the only way to make it more bearable is to stay stylish with cold weather accessories! I love that these have a bit of sparkle (which obviously goes with everything)! 
Looking for more gift ideas? Be sure to check out my gift guide in collaboration with HSN for the
hostess too! Which gift idea is your favorite?
xoxo, lauren
Disclosure: Thank you so much to HSN for sponsoring this post! All opinons & great gift ideas are my own! 


Lindsay Ropella said...

I CANNOT believe that purse is only $50! It's gorgeous!!

Sherin said...

I'm definitely sending over this over to all my friends. I want everything from it.

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