Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Year of Outfits from La Petite Fashionista

Believe it or not, long before I started La Petite Fashionista, I was still photographing my #ootd's! I'd upload my outfits on a now defunct fashion website & my dad would be my photographer after school in between classes & dance team practice. Oh how the times have changed!
Sharing my outfits on LPF has taught me a lot- about learning what styles flatter my petite frame, dealing with anonymous haters & purchase pieces that are versatile.After all, if I haven't pulled something out of my closet all year, chances are it doesn't really need to be in there.
 Looking back over the archives of outfit posts, there's some hits there are some misses- but I wouldn't change them for everything. It's been fun (& often times funny) to have years of my personal evolution of style!
I wanted to share a few of my favorite outfits from all of the seasons of 2014 & some inspiration for fellow petite fashionistas!
A Year of Outfit Ideas: La Petite Fashionista
A Year of Outfits from LPF: 
Writing a fashion blog has definitely helped me develop a more positive body image. It's so easy to compare yourself to others, but I've tried so hard not to let myself. I know that some fellow bloggers can pull off anything with their gorgeous tall & thin frames- while I'm curvy & 5'0- but what makes us unique makes us beautiful and that's something I've truly come to appreciate! Can anyone relate?
I've ever been featured this year on StyleCaster & Buzzfeed for being a petite blogger, so I'm feeling extra proud to be a petite fashionista!
Cheers to a stylish new year!
xoxo, lauren


Rachel Christian of Glitter and Bow blog said...

That maxi + the leather jacket is probably my all-time fave of your OOTDS! Perfection!

Sherin said...

Loving all your looks. I love how you;ve managed to inject colour and prints into everyday looks!

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