Saturday, January 24, 2015

Arm Party: Styled Three Ways

I never really meant for a wrist full of bracelets to be part of my signature style, but over time, I'm rarely seen without my go-to arm party! I've showcased my ever-growing accessories collection on the blog before and it's one of my favorite ways to accessorize. It's such a simple way but trendy way to give a simple outfit some pizazz and fun to mix & match different styles and colors.
Even when I can't make it out of my yoga leggings before I start the workday-  I always have time to add a few bracelets! In today's post I'm showing three different stacks of bracelets, similar bracelets to get the look & styling tips!
How to Style an Arm Party: 3 Ways
The trick to rocking an arm party (wrist candy, bracelet stack.. whatever you want to call it!) is choosing bracelets that are in a similar color family. This helps bring a consistent look to your accessorizing. It also helps to pull in a color that your wearing - choosing bracelets in complementary shades. I also love the look of a mix of bangles, stretch bracelets, chain bracelets & pretty stretch hair ties.
Experiment with mixing & matching and making the look your own! I have three different arm parties to inspire your accessorizing!
La Petite Fashionista: Neutral & Metallic Arm Party
The Neutral & Metallic #ArmParty
Get the Look:
1. BaubleBar | 2. Max & Chloe | 3. Target | 4. BaubleBar
La Petite Fashionista: Pretty in Pink Arm Party
The Pretty in Pink #ArmParty
Bracelets via: Brighthouse Baubles | Forever 21 | Kate Spade | Michael Kors
Get the Look:

1. Guess 2. Michael Kors | 3. Betsey Johnson | 4. Kate Spade

La Petite Fashionista: Turquoise Arm Party
The Turquoise #ArmParty
Get the Look:

1. Sam Edelman | 2. Blu Bijoux 3. Leslie Danzis | 4. Kendra Scott

Do you have a signature style? Do tell!

xoxo, lauren


Midnight Cowgirl said...

Love the turquoise arm party!

Girl Meets Bow said...

Love these ideas Lauren! You have great arm parties! :)

Girl Meets Bow

Girl Meets Bow said...
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Sherin said...

You are so good at putting together arm parties. All these pieces go so well together.

Panty Buns said...

All three colour themed Arm Party bracelet combinations are very pretty, each with their own distinctive looks. They're intriguing and fun to look at in addition to being lovely accessories complementing different outfits.

The Trendy Sparrow said...

These are super fantastic! Love them! Quick question...where did you get your gold polka dot plate that your watch is on? I'm in love with it!

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