Friday, January 16, 2015

Where to Find Beautiful (& Free) Stock Photos!

When it comes to blogging & small business, I have a huge appreciation for originality & aesthetics. Nothing grabs my attention more when scrolling through Instagram than a beautifully composed photograp.  It's very easy to snag someone else's photo without crediting it- but that's bad blog karma! 
Did you know it's actually really easy to create your own beautiful quote graphics & blog images without being a professional photographer? I've rounded up my favorite resources for free stock photos resources. Stock photos can get a bad rap- & for good reason. They can be totally cheesy, but these websites offer beautiful & inspiring photography that will fit perfectly with your brand.
Beautiful Stock Photos for Your Blog/ Biz
Best Sources For Free Stock Photos:
The key to stock photography is making sure you understand the license for each site- some have a Creative Commons Zero License, meaning you can use & modify without crediting the photographer and some images have a Creative Commons Attribution License, meaning you need to credit the photographer if you use it. Just be sure you read the fine print!
My favorite ways to use stock photos are for creating preview images for Pinterest & Instagram and quote graphics. It eliminates the worry of "stealing" someone's images.
Check back for more photos in this series with some tips to take your own photos! We also cover much more on creating your own graphics (along with analyzing & growing your brand with social media) in our Social Media With Style Workshop!
Social Media With Style Workshop
As a fun surprise, you can save $10 on  the workshop or one on one strategy sessions through this Sunday (1/18) with code: HappyWeekend! If you have any questions about the workshop, I'd love to answer them. It's truly a great way to start off 2015 by investing in yourself & your brand!
xoxo, lauren


Jeanette said...

Think I need to join this work shop as well:) Need to wait until I get my money this month.

Great post by the way...will check out the links.

Merisa said...

I'm always looking for good, free stock photos when I'm in a rush or can't take photos of my own so this post is a life saver. Definitely excited about some of the sites you've listed. Thanks a bunch.

Lindsay Ropella said...

Such great resources! You have listed all my favorites here and some that I'm not familiar with! Excited to check them out! Thanks for putting this together - hey, sometimes you just need to use stock. ;)

Sierra Porter said...

I'm always too bust to make time to shoot my own photos, so this post is so helpful! Thanks. :)


Beth said...

I'm really struggling with photography at the moment - I work during daylight hours and try to spend as much of my free time with my boyfriend as I can, so hobby time is often limited to the evenings. I absolutely loved your round-up - thank you for introducing me to some new stock photo sites!
I've included the link in one of my blog posts - I hope that's okay with you!
Beth x

Deborah Richards said...
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Deborah Richards said...

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Unknown said...

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