Thursday, February 5, 2015

Are You Last on Your Priority List?

I'm not sure about all of you, but sometimes life gets so busy that I am my last priority. I'll be the first to admit that I put my family, friends & newbie business before myself 9 times out 10. A lot of the times that means putting off getting a new hair cut or spending a Sunday night working instead of digging into a new book. Bras definitely fall into that category- I tend to think of them as more of a necessity than a tool to look & feel like my best self!
This year, I'm making a bigger effort to not put myself last on the priority list. Whether it's a mid-day pick me up, or the occasional manicure, it's okay to #treatyourself.
The team at Vanity Fair sent me a couple of their stylish bra silhouettes to try out & treat myself for Valentine's Day. It's truly amazing what a great fitting bra can do for your outfit & attitude! I thought I'd pay it forward & create a handy guide to help you choose the perfect style.
How to Choose a Bra To Make You Feel Beautiful
How to choose the perfect bra:
For Stylish Support: Beauty Back Underwire Bra
For an Extra Boost: Body Sleeks Underwire Bra
For a Seamless Look: Next to Nude Underwire Bra
For Comfortable Chic: Fits You Perfectly Wireless Bra
What are those things that have been falling to the bottom of your priority list?
I'm challenging you to invest in yourself and your well being and treat yourself more often. Your life will thank you!
xoxo, lauren

1 comment:

Panty Buns said...

Thank you for challenging and encouraging us to invest in ourselves. It's true that a number things that would be for my own good have fallen too far down my priorities list. P.S.: I love Vanity Fair Lingerie!

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