Friday, February 6, 2015

Date Night: Monopoly Game Night

Kyle & I love finding new ways to switch up date night. We're also trying to save some money, so we've been spending a lot of weekend nights in, especially in the winter time. Which is just fine by me, but we can only have so many movie nights. We're both very competitive, so game night is one of our favorite ways to enjoy each other's company (& get a friendly rivalry going)!
Last weekend we had a fun night in with wine & cupcakes & the Monopoly game on the Hasbro Game Channel . We had so much fun playing one of our favorite games right from our XBOX! I can't tell you how much fun we had watching the game brought to life on a 3D board with sound effects & music. Playing Monopoly right on our TV was an entirely new experience!
Even though we've been together almost four years, I'm always learning something new about this guy. Lesson learned this weekend: he is a crazy good Monopoly player. Like so good that maybe he should reconsider a career in real estate! This was just such a fun way to unwind & spend some time together.
Monopoly Date Night
Some of our favorite moments from the game were laughing over the goofy snapshots your XBOX snaps each time you reach an achievement. It makes for a really hilarious album when you've reached the end of the game. One of the fun aspects of playing the virtual version of Monopoly is that it still allows you to set your own unique house rules. You can also opt to play the game by downloading the app for your phone instead of using a controller. I also love that you don't have to clean up all of the cards & monopoly money after you're done playing. It's the little things right?!
Check out a few snapshots of Kyle & I during our game night day night!
 Monopoly Date Night
Monopoly Date Night

Monopoly Date Night

Monopoly Date Night

I think we're going to have to make game night a regular thing. I'm determined to win next time! We'll have to invite our friends to play next time since up to 6 people can play at one time too. You can download this game from the Hasbro Game Channel directly to your Xbox or PlayStation. If you're still looking for an idea for a low-key Valentine's Day this would be perfect.

What are your favorite date night-in ideas?

xoxo, lauren

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Annica said...

What a fun idea! Now us girls can enjoy the Xbox too and not just hate it for stealing our boyfriend's time!


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