Sunday, February 15, 2015

Feel Good Music

Music has the power to make your day! I'm a firm believer. I can be having a so-so day but if I hear a throwback song from high school I get this goofy perma-grin and I can't help but sing along!  If I'm having a tough day, sometimes all I need to do is put on an uplifting podcast and I can turn it right around. There is some wonderful things about the ability for music to boost your spirits!

The gorgeous peachy floral headphones from Ankit have that effect too. I mean seriously, how happy do they make you?! In today's post I'm sharing an eclectic mix playlist of my favorite oh-so-happy tunes and the podcasts I tune into weekly to inspire me. 

Feel Good Playlist + Ankit Floral Headphones

What I'm Wearing: 
Headphones: Ankit Pastel Peach Floral Headphones | Mint Cable Sweater: Marshalls (similar)
Black Denim: Paige Denim | Denim Vest: Vintage Levi's (similar)
Layered Necklace: Icing

Feel Good Playlist + Ankit Floral Headphones 

Check out the music that's on my playlist, press play to get insta-happy! Alot of these songs remind me of my 90's kid upbriniging & beachy tunes bring back memories of carefree days growing up in Florida. Some days you just need feel-good vibes and these should do the trick!

Tunes to Make you Insta-Happy!

Listen to my favorite insta-happy tunes to make you smile:

Insta-Happy by lauren felix on Grooveshark

Reading from a mobile device? Click here to listen.

As I mentioned, I'm also a huge fan of podcasts, especially podcasts that feature creative and educational topics or interviews with inspiring people. I love listening to podcasts while I work or in the car! Here's what I'm tuning in to:

Inspiring Podcasts
Podcasts to Inspire You:

What songs instantly put you in a good mood? I hope you enjoy the playlist as much as I do!

xoxo, lauren


Jessica said...

Oh my gosh, so many of the songs on your list take me right back to a certain time and place! I love how music can do that :) I've been meaning to check out the She Did It Her Way podcast - this was a good reminder. Hope you had a great v day weekend!

26 and Not Counting

Alissa said...

YYAASSSS to the magic of a good playlist! So good!

Sherin said...

I definitely agree about what an impact a good playlist can have on your day.
And so much love for these headphones. So pretty.

Becky Kinkead said...

This is cute!:) I've also been meaning to check out Invisiblia!!

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