Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Women Who Inspire Us: Fashion Designer, Lindsay Hayes

I love featuring inspiring women who are working in different careers to give insight into what they do in their job and give some tips for how to get there. Today, I'm profiling Lindsay Hayes, an incredibly talented fashion designer! She breaks down how she got her start and knew she wanted to be a designer in our Q&A with her today. 

Lindsay offers some great words of  wisdom for anyone looking to work their way into the fashion industry. Isn't it amazing when you can be working in a job that you love? Thank you so much to Lindsay for sharing a look at what it's like to be a fashion designer.

LPF: When did you realize you wanted to become a designer?

Lindsay: I'd always been creative and as a child would spend my weekends painting and drawing.  As I got older this translated into a love of fashion.  I knew I wanted to be a designer as soon as I realized that combining these things was in fact an actual job that someone would pay me to do!

LPF: How did you get started as a designer?

Lindsay: I studied fashion marketing in England and as part of the 4 year course, I undertook a work placement designing accessories at Monsoon Accessorize in London.  I loved every minute of it so when they offered me a full time job I jumped at the chance.

LPF: What's been your proudest moment in your career?

Lindsay: There have been a lot of moments I've been proud of but one of the earlier ones was when one of my handbag designs made the front cover of a UK fashion magazine

LPF: Favorite piece you've ever designed?

Lindsay: That's a tough one as my designs for each of the companies I've worked for have been so different!  I'd probably have to choose a leather bag I designed for Abercrombie & Fitch.  At the time, it was the first elevated handbag collection that had made it to production at A&F.

LPF: Advice for anyone looking to work in design?

Lindsay: Get as much work experience as possible and try and learn as much from each of them as you can. Unpaid work experience might mean working for free but it's definitely not working for nothing.

LPF: How do you get inspired/where do you find inspiration?

Lindsay: Everywhere!  Friends & family, coworkers, travel, social media!

Thank you again for sharing us with Lindsay! I couldn't agree more with her advice about getting as much experience as you can. I think that's the thing that's helped me most in my career path as well. 

xoxo, lauren

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

LPF Travels: Salt Lake City

My sincerest apologies for the radio silence at LPF over the past few days! I had full expectations of having tons of lovely scheduled content during my family vacation to Utah, but life happens! As you saw in my last post, my sweet Nana passed away last week and things just didn't go as planned as far as my blog preparation goes. But, that's real life and this trip has been just what the doctor ordered!

I've been sharing peeks at what we're up to on instagram, but I wanted to share more of a travel journal here on the blog since we've been doing and seeing so much. It's been a great mix of family time, sightseeing, and the great outdoors. I've been able to unplug and soak it all in.

Here's a look at what we've been up to during our first couple of days in Salt Lake City. Although most come to visit Utah during ski season, being here in the Spring is just beautiful. Everything's starting to bloom, the weather is glorious, and has more of a local feel.

 photo 659d21cf-5fee-4e9f-bf23-20edb827f3fc_zpsbhnmhno6.jpg 
Beautiful and colorful gardens in Temple Square in downtown SLC

 photo slc209_zpslakpod3w.jpg
Stopping at gorgeous French bakery, La Bonne Vie as a must on my list. 

 photo slc203_zpsyelafbqy.jpg
A coffee at the Rose Establishment, a beautiful cafe in an old industrial space.

 photo slc207_zpsj3hqgskz.jpg
Red Butte Garden didn't have much in bloom yet, but loved these cabbage plants!

 photo 56a1b22a-9e1e-493c-a07f-ac4adbe58f85_zpsb5lghn3k.jpg
We loved grabbing a Mexican lunch at Taqueria 27 with unique Utah-centric ingredients like pickled cactus!

 photo slc2022_zpsbdqpkvvb.jpg
I grabbed a groupon deal for us all to visit the Natural History Museum of Utah. It was easily one of the nicest museums I've ever visited and we loved all the dinosaur displays and sweeping views.

 photo slc22_zpsxt9y05pv.jpg
Again, so much beautiful color in bloom in Salt Lake City!

 photo slc201_zps1ysfgdn8.jpg
I'm so thankful to have my guy here for our family vacation to relax and adventure around with me!

Over the past couple of days we've been hiking and soaking up all of the great mountain views in Park City. We also all watched Wild last night (loved it!) which motivated me that much more during our 8 mile hike today.

When life gets crazy or brings you down, nothing feels better than being with the people you love, exploring a new place. If SLC's on your wanderlust list, be sure to check out the above. There's also an AMAZING indoor/outdoor mall, City Creek Center.

Know of any great activities/restaurants/etc. in Utah? Feel free to send them my way or tweet me

xoxo, lauren 

Friday, April 24, 2015

5 Things I Learned from My Nana

I don't share a lot of personal things on my blog, but it also seems strange to completely disregard things (and people) that are such a big part of my life. I sadly lost my Nana this week, my sweet grandmother - one who traveled Europe with me after graduation and was savvy enough to comment on my Facebook pictures. She and my Poppie (who we lost last year, sadly), were high school sweethearts and she reminds me of a classic Audrey Hepburn in her photos.
Nana, or Marilyn- was one of the most special ladies I know and I thought it was only right that I honor her memory by sharing some of the things I've learned from her.

5 Things I Learned from my Nana  
5 Things I Learned from My Nana
1. Good things come in small packages.
I get my petite stature from my Nana. She stood right at 5' as well but also made it feel like petite was powerful. She knew how to dress her figure and we had that special bond that fellow shorties seem to have. Plus, if I ever forgot anything during our trips up north, I always had someone to borrow from.
2. Life is better at the lake.
Growing up I spent every single summer at my grandparent's cabin in northern Wisconsin. I've been all over the world, but it's without a doubt my favorite place. So many happy memories spent around the campfire, shucking corn on the patio for family dinner and waterskiing.

 photo nana_zpstohtzzsh.jpg
Nana at the lake as a teen

3. Family matters more than anything
My nana and poppie's favorite time of year was those weeks at the lake with the entire family together. She took extra effort to make get together's special. She would never miss a card for every holiday and phone call on birthdays. She even learned how to navigate Facebook so she could keep up with her family near and far. . As a family we all enjoyed a good Friday night fish fry drinking brandy old fashioned's & Leinie's and catching up on eachother's lives.

4. Take time to stop & enjoy life
Nana knew how to stop to enjoy life more than anyone I know. She relished in drinking coffee outdoors on warm summer mornings, watching the hummingbirds buzz around their feeders. She tended to her beautiful gardens daily and listened and sang along the polka hour on public radio.

5 Things I Learned from My Nana
Nana & poppie, young and in love!
5. Travel when you can
It doesn't have to be European adventures- though we did take a 3 week trip around Europe (and I am especially thankful for those memories now).  Nana and poppie took their family on trips all the time big and small- road trips out West to see the National Parks & just weekend camping trips to the lake. When they retired they traveled everywhere they could and bought a sailboat to enjoy Florida at its best. I feel the same way- I want to do & see as much as possible!
It's never easy to lose a grandparent. I have had such close relationships with all of them that things are never quite the same without them. I'm so glad to be able to look back on what I've learned and celebrate their life. Nana, we love you & will miss you so much, thank you for everything.
xoxo, lauren

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Creating an Inspiring Workspace

One of the most challenging things about being a solopreneur is not having my own office space. Though I love showing off what I'm working on from instagram, what you don't see is that my "office" is a tiny desk, in our bedroom! No complaints here,  I love the flexibility of working from home, but, it definitely doesn't give me much space to "make it my own". Thankfully, I do have a side of a bookcase, that borders my desk that makes for a perfect "inspiration board". Work with what you have right?

While I'm working during the day I love to light a candle & stream podcasts (my faves here). Surrounding myself with things that inspire me- motivational quotes, colorful desk accessories and fun faux florals is my favorite way to work. I also like to stay organized by keeping my weekly schedule at top of mind. Washi tape is my favorite way to adhere things- it makes it easy to switch pieces in and out whenever I need a change! I also like to choose piece in the same color scheme to make sure everything coordinates. Think about your "power color", what makes you feel happy and confident at work? For me, it's pink (obviously)!

La Petite Fashionista: Creating an Inspiring Workspace in Your Home Office

La Petite Fashionista: Creating an Inspiring Workspace in Your Home Office

La Petite Fashionista: Creating an Inspiring Workspace in Your Home Office

La Petite Fashionista: Creating an Inspiring Workspace in Your Home Office

La Petite Fashionista: Creating an Inspiring Workspace in Your Home Office

I'm always on the lookout at the Target dollar bins for colorful and inexpensive office supplies to brighten up my desk. I also love saving heartfelt cards to display them.  My latest favorite is this "Serenity" candle that I picked up when I was home at the very cute décor shop Clayton Gray Home (they ship for free)! It's one of my favorite sayings when I start worrying about anything in life.
My tips for creating an inspiring workspace at home are:
  • Candles: I'm a sucker for slow burning Capri Blue candles & local brand The Grey Designer
  • Podcasts & Music: I love listening to podcasts (did you catch me as a guest on Influential Gal?) & Songza for finding the perfect music to match my mood.
  • Planners + Calendars: I've found that the combination of great design & functionality means I'll be more likely to use it. I love my Rifle Paper Co weekly planning notepad.
  • Inspirational Prints & Cards: I've been getting some as gifts lately so I love putting them up by my desk. I love anything fashion, uplifting & #girlboss related!
  • Business Cards: I like having them on hand & easy to grab before I run to a coffee date or meeting. My square cards are from MOO & I love having all of my different Instagram photos on them (Save 10% on them if your a first time customer here)!
  • Affordable Office Supplies: As I mentioned, I love picking up pretty, colorful pieces from Target, Marshalls & Michael's! Right now I have a gold striped bulletin board that makes it easy to pin up notes & photos and a pink pencil holder.
Here are a few of my favorite colorful & inspiring office supplies and desk accessories to help you get the look:

Not seen is the cup of coffee and my trusty laptop that always have a space at my desk! Overall, I love working from home and creating a tranquil & inspiring atmosphere to work in after working in a cubicle for a few years. I'm thankful for this little space of mine to create and work in!

How do you create an inspiring workspace for your home office/desk?

xoxo, lauren

Monday, April 20, 2015

Latest Lust: Lilly Pulitzer Inspired

Did you guys make it out to "Pink Sunday" as people are dubbing the launch of the Lilly Pulitzer for Target launch? I'm pretty sure my boyfriend thought I was insane for waking up early & planning my day around shopping. I'd had it marked on my calendar since I first heard the news! As soon as the doors opened at our store in Wisconsin there was literally girls running to the racks. Thankfully, everyone was nice & even sharing their bounty. I even ran into a few of my old co-workers & Kaylee of Pleats and Pearls!
It was absolutely insane but a ton of fun. I even ended up with quite a few colorful Lilly Pulitzer for Target pieces. It wasn't beneath me to shop the kids section either! I'm so sorry for everyone who had a poor experience! I'm definitely not cut out for stressful shopping, but it was an experience to say the least! As a former fashion buyer, I can't imagine the nightmare it must be planning an event like that!
These were the treasures I was able to score on opening day.
La Petite Fashionista: Lilly Pulitzer for Target Finds
Unable to score anything at the sale & refuse to pay exorbitant eBay prices (ridiculous!)? I've rounded up a few of my favorite preppy pink and green Lilly inspired style and decor pieces so you don't have to get Fashion FOMO!
La Petite Fashionista: Lilly Pulitzer Inpired Home + Fashion
Get the Look: Lilly Pulitzer Inspired
Even though these pieces aren't Lilly, they still have that preppy, Palm Beach feel. I can't get enough of gingham & eyelet, monograms, pineapples & punchy prints and this is the perfect time of year to wear them!
Still have your heart set on one of the Lilly Pulitzer for Target pieces? I recommend checking back at your local store this week for any returns or exchanges that have come in!
Did you participate in the craziness of "Pink Sunday"?
xoxo, lauren

Friday, April 17, 2015

Preppy Summer at the Lake

Summers so close I can feel it! I'm so ready to spend some time on the lake and some afternoons working outside enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. We captured these photos last summer with my LPF intern Courtney & her friend Madalyn at our local dock for La Petite Fashionista Mag's Summer issue. Our all-american Summer at the Lake editorial is styled with preppy polka dots & stripes, boat shoes, & nautical accessories from Lizzibeth. It's preppy, Midwestern style and reminds me of all of my years spent at my grandparent's lake house.

Be sure to check out the details below to win two free tickets to Lizzibeth's 2nd Anniversary Bash at Whiskey Bar in Milwaukee, the perfect way to kick off Summertime. My girl, Lizzi, loaned us some of her beautiful pieces for our editorial and she has a fantastic selection of baubles! 

La Petite Fashionista: Preppy Summer at the Lake 

La Petite Fashionista: Preppy Summer at the Lake

La Petite Fashionista: Preppy Summer at the Lake

La Petite Fashionista: Preppy Summer at the Lake
La Petite Fashionista: Preppy Summer at the Lake

La Petite Fashionista: Preppy Summer at the Lake 

La Petite Fashionista: Preppy Summer at the Lake

Photography by: Mengelhart Photography | Styled by Lauren Felix
Models: Courtney & Madalyn

Want to get the look? Check out these Preppy Midwest Summer must-haves:

Also, enter here to win a ticket to the Lizzibeth 2nd Anniversary Bash (held at Whiskey Bar in Milwaukee on 4/25) which includes a fashion show & fab swag bag! You can also purchase tickets here. I'll be notifying the winner early next week!

What are you most excited about for summer?

xoxo, lauren

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

LPF Travel Guide to Tampa: Eat, Shop, See

I grew up in the Tampa Bay area, but there are so many things you take for granted until you move away.  Coming back home has given me a new outlook- and an excuse to discover new places and revisit old favorites. I had a chance to explore Tampa with two of my girlfriends last weekend. My sister gave us a list of places we "must see" & we had fun shopping, eating & exploring our way around town.

La Petite Fashionista: Travel Guide to Tampa

In today's post I wanted to share a locals guide with suggestions of places to dine & shop and things to do while you visit. There's also a ton of great coastal towns in the Tampa Bay area. While they're more beachy (and great places to get seafood & tropical drinks), Tampa has more of a "city" feel though still offers beautiful waterfront views.

WHERE TO EAT | Tampa Restaurants + Bars

La Petite Fashionista: Local's Travel Guide to Tampa | Oxford Exchange

La Petite Fashionista: Local's Travel Guide to Tampa | Oxford Exchange
Oxford Exchange Dining Room + Coffee

Oxford Exchange: This is literally my favorite place in Tampa. From the locally sourced menu to the impeccable interior design to the coffee bar & specially curated shops. It's a must see when you're in town (and .. coffee art)! It's pretty much my dream to open up a place like this!

Boca: This  farm-to-table restaurant in Hyde Park has a unique menu and truly delicious craft cocktails. It has a vibrant crowd at night, so be sure to make reservations. The menu is set up for sharing. The stand out feature of the restaurant is a vertical garden wall. 

 La Petite Fashionista: Local's Travel Guide to Tampa | Piquant Hyde Park
Piquant Cocktail Bar

Piquant:This is an adorable French bistro and bakery style restaurant in Hyde Park Village. I ended up getting the Strawberry Basil gimlet- so refreshing! I tried the roasted chicken salad croissant as well and it was delicious. I loved the french style decor & entryway features a bakery case full of beautiful pastries.

Cooper's Hawk:  This winery/restaurant is the perfect place to stop after a day of shopping at International Plaza. It features a huge menu and there is a winery inside- so they let you sample any of the wines you'd like and offer suggestions for pairing with your dinner.

 La Petite Fashionista: Local's Travel Guide to Tampa | Cigar City Brewery

Cigar City Brewery: Craft breweries are popping up like crazy in the Tampa Bay area. This brewery is close to downtown and offers a ton of varieties on tap featuring unique FL ingredients. They can even fill up a growler for you to take home as a souvenir. 

La Petite Fashionista: Local's Travel Guide to Tampa | Buddy Brew Coffee

Buddy Brew Coffee: This local coffee shop roasts its own beans and is a beautiful place to sit up at the coffee bar to have a cup or enjoy some avocado toast. Literally the best caramel latte I've ever had and I obsessed over all of the reclaimed wood and edison bulb pendant light decor.

WHERE TO SHOP | Tampa Boutiques + Stores

La Petite Fashionista: Local's Travel Guide to Tampa | Clayton Gray Boutique
Clayton Gray Home

Clayton Gray Home: My sister told me that I had to stop in this independent interior design boutique and I'd been following them on Instagram ever since. The vignettes throughout the store were exactly my style and insantly made me wish I had brought a bigger suitcase. Good news- they offer free shipping!

A. Haley Boutique: Another one of Allie's recommendations. This cute store was filled with affordable, colorful and trendy fashion finds. A great place to support & shop local!

La Petite Fashionista: Local's Travel Guide to Tampa | Anthropologie Hyde Park
Anthropologie in Hyde Park Village

La Petite Fashionista: Local's Travel Guide to Tampa | Lululemon Hyde Park 
Lululemon at Hyde Park Village

Hyde Park Village: This is a shopping & dining area filled with tons of options! I especially love the giant Anthropologie store, Lululemon, Francesca's and independent boutiques. My absolute favorite shop in the village was Salt Pines, filled with southern lines like Lauren James, Judith March & Bourbon and Boweties.

International Plaza: I grew up spending many a weekend at International Plaza Mall & it still never disappoints. With stores like Nordstrom, Lilly Pulitzer, J.Crew, Zara & Roxy, I always find something. There's also an entertainment area with bars & restaurants.

 photo tampa travel 5_zpsn1okeym5.jpg

Oxford Exchange: As I mentioned, not only is Oxford Exchange a delicious restaurant and coffee shop they also have an amazing shop & bookstore under their roof. It's filled with a lot of local brands and interior design and entertaining pieces. I picked up a "tobacco & mint" scented candle from local Seventh Avenue Apothecary.

WHAT TO DO | Activities in Tampa

La Petite Fashionista: Local's Travel Guide to Tampa | Downtown Tampa

Downtown Tampa: This area tends to slow down during the weekend, but offers several local museums to visits and the brand new Riverwalk. We took a long stroll, but it would be especially fun during the special events they hold quite frequently.

Tampa Bay Rays Game: The Tampa Bay Rays games are right downtown and you can usually score fairly inexpensive tickets. Travel like a local and catch a game! 

La Petite Fashionista: Local's Travel Guide to Tampa |Florida Sunset

Gasparilla Pirate Festival: If you're truly looking for a unique experience head down to Tampa during the Gasparilla Pirate Festival. It's in January ever year and the perfect excuse to get dressed up like a pirate, watch the "pirate ships" invade Tampa Bay and enjoy some rum!  

Watch a Gulf Coast Sunset: Even if you're not into laying out on the beach all day, get to somewhere waterfront to watch a colorful Florida sunset. They rarely disappoint. I like to head to neighboring Clearwater Beach's Pier 60 to watch. 

I hope you enjoy my local's guide to Tampa Bay! It's fun to see the city evolving with even more things to do, see & eat. Other highlights of my weekend include waking up early for a Pure Barre class with my friend Jaclyn- glad my friends love trying new things as much as I do. I definitely appreciate things more now coming home to visit!

Live in the area or visited? Let me know if you think there's anything to add to the list!

xoxo, lauren

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Pink Midi Skirt: 3 Ways

My trip to Florida has been a total whirlwind! I'm going to be posting a recap of some of our favorite stops from my weekend in Tampa catching up with girlfriends. I definitely have a bigger appreciation for my hometown after being in Wisconsin for the past four years. I also seem to always forget how hot it is and pack the wrong clothes. Thankfully, I had this gorgeous pink skirt from Dress Up in my suitcase- it was perfect for going from day to night.

The styling tip for fellow petite ladies wearing a midi skirt is to pair it with a pair of extra high wedges. I also love the look of it paired with crop tops & knotted blouses since it has a higher waist. In true Florida girl fashion, I love to pile on the accessories like fedoras, tassel earrings, bangles and statement necklaces to add the perfect finishing touch.

 photo pink skirt 3_zpskljehheq.jpg

Look 1: Fashionable Fedora |  What I'm Wearing:
Black Crop Top: Kohls | Pink Midi Skirt: Dress Up  | Tassel Earrings: Lisi Lerch
Fedora: (similar) | Wedges; Splendid

 photo pink skirt 4_zpsbqtfen0v.jpg

 photo pink skirt 5_zpsnjsfzqfk.jpg

Look 2: Colorful Crop Top | What I'm Wearing:
 Crop Top: Aero | Pink Midi Skirt: Dress Up  | Gold Cuff (similar)

 photo pink skirt 6_zpsolx1onwm.jpg

 photo pink skirt 8_zpsm3dvwgfx.jpg 

Look 3: Preppy Knotted Blouse | What I'm Wearing:
 White Knotted Blouse: (similar) | Pink Midi Skirt: Dress Up  | Pink Necklace: LOFT

 photo dfc4f216-eab9-48d8-ad10-cc23f6984d3a_zpsslifft6n.jpg

The thing I love most about this skirt is it's my signature color, hot pink! I'm pretty sure I can never have enough pink in my closet- wearing it just makes me happy! The midi skirt is such a fun trend. It's almost a nod to the 1950's and makes you want to do a little twirl, I think pairing it with youthful, trendy pieces is key to making it feel modern. 

Wanting to try the midi skirt trend? I've rounded up a few of my favorites:

Have you worn the midi skirt trend yet? What's your favorite way to wear it?

xoxo, lauren

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Fashionable Festival Style

Coachella music festival starts this weekend so today's outfit post is inspired by all of the trends from festival season. I can't wait to stalk the street style pictures to see what new trends I can spot for summer! I'm teaming up with Kohl's to show off my Coachella chic look featuring a few of my favorite summer pieces. I love the way they all pair together- but you could easily just try one of the trends to channel a little bit of festival flair. 

I'm home in Florida this week visiting my family and I have to say the sunshine is just what the doctor ordered. My neighborhood looks sort of like a jungle, which is the perfect backdrop for this outfit. I've paired a peach crop top with a Hawaiian print kimono jacket, and high waisted lace shorts & accessorized with a tortoiseshell statement necklace. 

La Petite Fashionista: Kimono Jacket + Lace Shorts

What I'm Wearing: 
Hawaiian Print Kimono Jacket: Mudd  |  Black Racer Front Crop Top:  SO 
Black Lace Shorts: Mudd | Tortoise Statement Necklace: LC by Lauren Conrad
Fringe Bag: SONOMA life+ style (similar)

La Petite Fashionista: Kimono Jacket + Lace Shorts

La Petite Fashionista: Kimono Jacket + Lace Shorts
La Petite Fashionista: Kimono Jacket + Lace Shorts

La Petite Fashionista: Kimono Jacket + Lace Shorts

Now, for a few styling tips to get the fashionable festival look for yourself! If you're like me & a little bit intimidated by crop tops- just be sure to pair with a skirt or pair of shirts with a higher waist. Kimonos are one of the trends I'm obsessed with right now. The trick to wearing them is to make sure you're wearing something more fitted underneath since they can be more floaty and shapeless. I also think they make great swimsuit cover-ups. The fringe bag is also a fun (& on trend) accessory that adds a little bit of boho chic to any look. 

The best part is that all of theses pieces are super affordable- I scored each for less than $30! I'm going to be wearing these Coachella chic pieces all summer long. Now, I'm going to go and enjoy this warm weather!

xoxo, lauren 

Disclosure: Special thanks to Kohl's for sponsoring a gift card for this post so I could share my fashion finds!
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