Tuesday, April 28, 2015

LPF Travels: Salt Lake City

My sincerest apologies for the radio silence at LPF over the past few days! I had full expectations of having tons of lovely scheduled content during my family vacation to Utah, but life happens! As you saw in my last post, my sweet Nana passed away last week and things just didn't go as planned as far as my blog preparation goes. But, that's real life and this trip has been just what the doctor ordered!

I've been sharing peeks at what we're up to on instagram, but I wanted to share more of a travel journal here on the blog since we've been doing and seeing so much. It's been a great mix of family time, sightseeing, and the great outdoors. I've been able to unplug and soak it all in.

Here's a look at what we've been up to during our first couple of days in Salt Lake City. Although most come to visit Utah during ski season, being here in the Spring is just beautiful. Everything's starting to bloom, the weather is glorious, and has more of a local feel.

 photo 659d21cf-5fee-4e9f-bf23-20edb827f3fc_zpsbhnmhno6.jpg 
Beautiful and colorful gardens in Temple Square in downtown SLC

 photo slc209_zpslakpod3w.jpg
Stopping at gorgeous French bakery, La Bonne Vie as a must on my list. 

 photo slc203_zpsyelafbqy.jpg
A coffee at the Rose Establishment, a beautiful cafe in an old industrial space.

 photo slc207_zpsj3hqgskz.jpg
Red Butte Garden didn't have much in bloom yet, but loved these cabbage plants!

 photo 56a1b22a-9e1e-493c-a07f-ac4adbe58f85_zpsb5lghn3k.jpg
We loved grabbing a Mexican lunch at Taqueria 27 with unique Utah-centric ingredients like pickled cactus!

 photo slc2022_zpsbdqpkvvb.jpg
I grabbed a groupon deal for us all to visit the Natural History Museum of Utah. It was easily one of the nicest museums I've ever visited and we loved all the dinosaur displays and sweeping views.

 photo slc22_zpsxt9y05pv.jpg
Again, so much beautiful color in bloom in Salt Lake City!

 photo slc201_zps1ysfgdn8.jpg
I'm so thankful to have my guy here for our family vacation to relax and adventure around with me!

Over the past couple of days we've been hiking and soaking up all of the great mountain views in Park City. We also all watched Wild last night (loved it!) which motivated me that much more during our 8 mile hike today.

When life gets crazy or brings you down, nothing feels better than being with the people you love, exploring a new place. If SLC's on your wanderlust list, be sure to check out the above. There's also an AMAZING indoor/outdoor mall, City Creek Center.

Know of any great activities/restaurants/etc. in Utah? Feel free to send them my way or tweet me @lpfashionista.www.twitter.com/lpfashionista

xoxo, lauren 

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Joyce Novacek said...

Utah is a state I "need" as I'm trying to go to them all, and this post solidifies my desire to go there!

I LOVE Wild (It's a bit of an obsession). Also, I highly recommend reading Cheryl Strayed's book Tiny Beautiful things if you liked her story in Wild! :)

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