Thursday, June 11, 2015

Stop Wishing + Start Doing Printable/Wallpaper

I love to save & write down quotes and mantras that resonate with me. This week I stumbled across the one below.. "stop wishing & start doing"- and it's so true. So often in life we wait for things to be perfect and for everything to fall into place before we go after a big goal or chase a dream. You'll never know what you could be missing out unless you just go for it- even in a small way!

Trust me, I'm a Type-A planner- but over my last year in business I've learned to embrace the unexpected and stop second guessing myself! It extends to all areas of life. Instead of wishing and pinning away your dream house, start saving! If you dream about starting your own business, start making plans and make it your side hustle. If you're looking for this little reminder to yourself that you can do it, now - feel free to print it out (it's 5x7 size!) or save it to your phone.

Want to save it to your iphone screen? click here for an iphone wallpaper-ready image!

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What's a saying or mantra that keeps you going?

xoxo, lauren


Unknown said...

Love this!!!

- Rekita Nicole

Unknown said...

Such fabulous inspiration! I'm saving this one...

Summer Thornton
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Unknown said...

love this post ^^

- cuci sofa

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