Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Try This Trend: Indoor Plants

It's pretty amazing how much life you can bring into a room by adding a couple of plants- ironically, even when they're faux! We get very limited natural light in our living room so it's a challenge to keep any real plants alive, so I've turned to some pretty faux plants to decorate the room with. We have quite a few succulent plants (seen in my coffee table décor post)- and just picked up a mini palm planter.
Some day when we have a house I'll make sure it's filled with big windows full of natural light, so I can put my green thumb to the test- but for right now, these are perfect. Another bonus? No need to remember to water them. I've rounded up some great faux plants for you to decorate with & some of my favorite pinspiration.
How to Decorate with Indoor Plants
How to Decorate with Indoor Plants
As for decorating with indoor plants, check out these tips! Try a tall plant, like a fiddle leaf fig, is perfect for filling up space in an empty corner. Coffee tables make a great place for succulent terrariums. Try a macramé hanger with a faux fern to bring some greenery to a bedroom.
If you're looking to have real plants indoors, succulents, orchids & philodendrons are among the easiest to care for. Here's a few handy guides regarding what amount of light each plant needs.

How to Decorate with Indoor Plants: Inspiration & Tips for Styling with Plants
Decorating with Plants:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Above are a few of my favorite rooms that use plants as décor! I love how much it livens up the space and gives it a natural/organic quality.
Looking for some faux plants to try out the trend for yourself? I've rounded up an array of plant styles for every kind of home!
Try This Trend: Indoor Plants

Try This Trend: (Faux) Indoor Plants):
I think each of these could easily fit within existing décor depending on your style. The boxwood topiary is super cute for a preppy, New England nod. A fiddle leaf fig lends itself to more of a tropical décor. Cactus instantly give a room a more Southwest vibe.
Which indoor plant style are you loving most?
xoxo, lauren

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Casual Cool Summer Style

There is something to be said about "effortless style"- it's never actually effortless, a lot of work goes into looking that laissez faire. I'd like to think these two looks below come pretty darn close. Really, fairly realistic to what my actual "effortless" summer style looks like - especially because I work from home.

Dresses are basically an instant-outfit - add a couple of accessories and a pair of statement shoes and you're good to go.I like to keep my beauty routine super low-key in the summer too. Just throw on some bb cream with SPF (I've been using one from Pacifica!), bronzer & mascara. All of these accessories have a cool-girl Anthropologie-esque feel to them and I'm pretty obsessed! I think something I've been learning over the last  few years is that great style doesn't need to be high maintenance.

Check out my outfits inspired by cool, summer style (& the effortless chic ladies that pull it off oh-so- well)!

Casual Cool Summer Style - Effortless summer dressing with a pacific northwest inspired twist.

Try This Trend: Casual Cool Summer Style

I'm a sucker for branding lately- especially for home goods. I love those jar candles & the cool bath products from Herbivore Botanicals. SO many of the pieces above are from independent boutique, Moorea Seal, based out of the Pacific Northwest!

Kyle & I are headed up north for the weekend and I'm welcoming the opportunity to unplug and spend some time relaxing by the lake! Follow me on Instagram to see what we're up to!

xoxo, lauren

Monday, July 20, 2015

Dressed Up Denim Shorts

You guys, can I just say how completely crazy this summer has been! I've been working like crazy to balance creating new content with freelance work - and of course trying to make sure I actually get outside to enjoy the short but sweet Midwest summer. The perfectionist in me absolutely hates letting myself slack on any of the three- and lately I'm just struggling to do it all. I'm trying to give myself some grace and remember that progress, not perfection is key. Can anyone relate?
In true work and play fashion, Kyle & I spent Sunday running lots of errands (trying to finish off our living room décor.. finally)- and of course taking some time out to make dinner together and relax! I love the look of a blousy button down paired with cuffed denim. It makes it feel a little bit dressier, especially paired with wedges. I love the preppy feel of citrus colored lime paired with hot pink.
La Petite Fashionista: Dressed up denim shorts & pink handbag
What I'm Wearing: Lime + Hot Pink
Lime Green Blouse: LOFT (similar) | Denim Shorts: Aeropostale (similar)
Aviator Sunglasses: Tory Burch | Hot Pink Bag: Kate Spade New York 
"Kelly" Necklace: Lisi Lerch | Nude Wedges: Splendid (similar)
Watch: Michael Kors
La Petite Fashionista: dressed up denim shorts & pink purse

La Petite Fashionista: dressed up denim shorts & pink purse
La Petite Fashionista: Dressed up denim shorts & pink purse

La Petite Fashionista: dressed up denim shorts & pink purse

Side note: Kyle & I are celebrating our fourth anniversary this week- another reminder of how quickly time flies when you're having fun! Trying to make a conscious effort to make time for both work and celebration this summer!

What fun do you have planned for the rest of summer?

xoxo, lauren

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Coffee Table Styling: 3 Ways

I distinctly remember as a teen I used to LOVE rearranging my room. Little five-foot-nothing Lauren used to get bored with the setup and literally move around the furniture and go on a hunt around the house to find pieces to give my room a new look. It usually was late at night and fueled by *NSYNC on repeat and one too many caramel frappuccinos. My mom would come into my room the next morning surprise- yet not shocked that my room had a whole new look.

Some things never change. I still love giving my interior a new look. Lately, I've been switching things up with our living room coffee table. I'm sharing 3 ways to give it a fresh new look using décor from throughout the house!

Coffee Table Styling: 3 Ways | Give your coffee table a chic update!
[pin this to share]!

I'm sharing 3 styles- a glam, feminine coffee table, rustic chic coffee tale & a colorful, preppy coffee table style and sharing a few pieces to help you get the look!

Coffee Table Styling: 3 Ways | Glam & Girly Coffee Table styled w/ mercury glass candles & faux peonies

Coffee Table Styling: 3 Ways | Glam & Girly Coffee Table styled w/ mercury glass candles & faux peonies

Coffee Table Styling: 3 Ways | Glam & Girly Coffee Table styled w/ mercury glass candles & faux peonies

Glam & Girly Coffee Table Style:

For this look I've used a silver charger (this one's from the dollar store) to hold a variety of candles & matches. I love fresh flowers, but you never have to worry about faux flowers drooping- so they're perfect for making a coffee table statement. Of curse, I also have a huge collection of books so I chose a few in a coordinating color scheme & have a fabric covered box to store remote controls.

Get the Look:

Coffee Table Styling: 3 Ways | Rustic Chic coffee table styled w/ succulent plants & antlers

Coffee Table Styling: 3 Ways | Rustic Chic coffee table styled w/ succulent plants & antlers

Coffee Table Styling: 3 Ways | Rustic Chic coffee table styled w/ succulent plants & antlers

Rustic Chic Coffee Table:

Kyle & I both have an affinity for rustic chic / farmhouse style. Every year his family finds a quite a few shed antlers from deer on their property, so we always bring some home for décor & spraypainted some gold. We also have faux succulent plants around the house which give the table a nice natural, organic feel. A geometric gold décor piece sits atop a stack of books.

Coffee Table Styling: 3 Ways | Preppy & Colorful coffee table styled w/ books and antique finds

Coffee Table Styling: 3 Ways | Preppy & Colorful coffee table styled w/ books and antique finds

Coffee Table Styling: 3 Ways | Preppy & Colorful coffee table styled w/ books and antique finds

 Colorful & Preppy Chic Style:

This is one of my favorite of the looks. It's a mix of colorful entertaining books & candles. I also used a thrifted milk glass vase with some faux blooms to add some more color to the table. My table is rarely without a coffee cup on it, so I thought I was perfectly fitting. This would totally be my table styling if I still had my bachelorette pad - complete with turquoise tassel earrings as their own décor.

Get the Look:
Turquoise Capri Blue Candle | Gold Pineapple | Pink Coffee Mug
Things We Love Book | I Brake For Yard Sales Book

Which of the 3 coffee table styling looks is your favorite? If you have a favorite way to give yours a stylish update, be sure to share!

xoxo, lauren

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tropical Summer Scents

It's a well known fact that scent has a powerful link to memories. One quick spritz of Bobbi Brown's "Beach" perfume takes me back to my days growing up on the gulf coast. I swear I was at the beach with friends so often that you could have mistaken Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen for my perfume.
 I wouldn't trade anything for those days- before I had a full time job and the day's biggest worry was which side of the island to meet everyone on. When summer is here I gravitate towards tropical summer scents- pineapple, coconut, Hawaiian hibiscus & salty sea spray.
I've rounded up a few beauty products with summery, tropical scents. Close your eyes & you may even feel like your swept away on an insta-vacay!
Tropical Summer Scents
Tropical Summer Scents
1. Coconut Lip Butter- Pacifica | 2. Hibiscus Facial Toner- Alba Hawaiian Botanica
3. Surf Infusion Spray- Bumble and Bumble | 4. Coconut Water Makeup Remover Wipes- Paifica
5. Coconut Water Shampoo- OGX | 6. Awapuhi Ginger Conditoner- OGX
7. "Beach" Perfume- Bobbi Brown |8. SPF30 Lotion - Sun Bum | 9. Honey Sugar Scrub- Lucy B's
I already own a few of these products, but I can't wait to add a few more to my summer beauty routine. Low maintenance, beachy, surfer girl hair is pretty much a constant for me this time of year!
 This is me in my element out at "the island" during one of my last trips to Florida. Once a beach girl, always a beach girl!
What are your happiest summertime memories made of?
xoxo, lauren

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Vegetarian Dinner Ideas (for Picky Eaters!)

I have a little confession to make.. I'm a 26 year old who hates eating her veggies! No seriously, it's so embarrassing being a picky eater as an adult. Through the years I've been trying to expand my palate by either forcing myself to try a few bites of whatever is on my plate or "disguising" them in my meals.
My boyfriend's mom has a huge garden and we get a weekly C.S.A. (community supported agriculture) delivery- so it's been slowly but surely helping me get out of my dietary comfort zone.Kyle & I have an ongoing joke that I can't go without some kind of meat in my dinner - so I've accepted this challenge and rounded up a few vegetarian recipes.
These dinner ideas all look super delicious, flavorful & fresh, even for picky, vegetable-despising eaters like me!
Vegetarian Dinner Ideas (for Picky Eaters):
I'm feeling totally inspired and ready to incorporate some more veggies into my meals! If you have a favorite dish for picky eaters- be sure to leave me a comment or tweet me a link!
xoxo, lauren
P.S. Looking for more healthy recipe inspiration? Check out my "healthy is happy" Pinterest board!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Latest Lust: Stylish Tech Accessories

With the announcement of Rebecca Minkoff's new wearable tech accessories this week I thought it was about time for a round-up of the latest stylish pieces! Some are wearable, some are for your home- all are colorful, and design & tech savvy. I've always been a bit of a technology nerd and I'm totally living vicariously through my sister lately with her recent move to Silicon Valley! I love to see the creative ways designers are using technology to create their products.
Technology is going to continue to be a huge design trend. From wearable watches & bracelets that function as fitness trackers or USB cords to Bluetooth speakers for entertaining to nostalgic items (like record players) made modern! Even classic items like headphones are being made more chic with metallic hardware, fun pops of color & unique features.
Check out a few of my stylish tech accessory picks below:
Stylish Wearable Tech Accessories!
Latest Lust: Stylish Tech Accessories:
1. Fit Bit Bracelet- Tory Burch | 2. Pink Portable Speakers: Nixon | 3. Charging Cables: Happy Plugs 4. Tech Ring- Ringly | 5. Mint Headphones: NastyGal | 6. Floral Record Player: Urban Outfitters
7.  Black Cable Bracelet: Rebecca Minkoff | 8. White & Gold Headphones: Frends
Kyle & I both have Fitbit's & are finally getting competitive with them again (my Fitbit is pink, of course)! I love incorporating it into my daily #armparty but am definitely considering the Tory Burch accessories to add a little bit of extra glam!
Pink FitBit #ArmParty | Wearable Tech
Which of these stylish tech accessories do you have your eye on?
xoxo, lauren

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Embroidered Chambray + Pink Skirt

This weekend I did a little bit of spring cleaning and some evaluation of my wardrobe. I recommend doing this at least once a year to fully understand if there are any missing pieces in your closet and what pieces you can donate to simplify or make room for new items to love.
I have tons of sundresses- but what I'm really missing are dressy tops.  I need more shirts for wearing to work or wearing for date night with jeans and heels. Sometimes I feel like tees are a little too casual and I don't have a ton of blouses or button downs. It's definitely one of those holes in my wardrobe- so, I added it to my shopping list!
Thankfully, LOFT was having a huge sale this weekend. I picked up this chambray blouse along with some others! I love shopping there because they sell petite sizes (short girls for the win)!
La Petite Fashionista: Embroidered Chambray + Pink Skirt
What I'm Wearing:
Embroidered Chambray Shirt: LOFT (on sale!) | Pink Skirt: LOFT (similar here & here)
Tan Crossbody Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (similar here) | Pear Earring: Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
Statement Bracelet: LOFT (on sale for $15!)
La Petite Fashionista: Embroidered Chambray + Pink Skirt

La Petite Fashionista: Embroidered Chambray + Pink Skirt

La Petite Fashionista: Embroidered Chambray + Pink Skirt
La Petite Fashionista: Embroidered Chambray + Pink Skirt
I  love the color combo of the salmon pink colored skirt & timeless chambray top.  The chambray is super cute paired with colorful bottoms but would also be great as a denim on denim look. The embroidery detail just makes it feel so perfectly summery. This tan Rebecca Minkoff bag has been one of my go-to bags lately, it's so neutral that it matches with everything!
Have you scored any great summer deals lately? Do share!
xoxo, lauren

Sunday, July 5, 2015

10 Affordable + Fun Summer Date Ideas

Summers in Wisconsin are so short & sweet that we've been trying to take advantage of every weekend (or weeknight)! I've found that we're more likely to do something special together if we make a list of ideas. If you're tired of Netflix marathons check out my list of date night ideas & be sure to comment or tweet me with fun date ideas that you have!

10 Affordable + Fun Summer Date Ideas
Here's a list of what's on our summer date night wish list (& they're all pretty affordable options)!
1. Rent a Canoe or Kayak Madison is surrounded by lakes, so renting a canoe for an hour or two is a great way to get outside and explore even when the weekends get chaotic. Grab a post-canoe trip ice cream cone to beat the heat.
2. Beer Tasting Night: Find a local grocery or liquor store that allows you to "build your own 6 pack" and each pick out 3 different kinds of beer. Then, draw up a little rating card and discuss which are your favorites. (Here's a cute printable!)
3. Movie Night Under the Stars: Grab some blankets, popcorn and an iPad for movie watching under the stars in the backyard.  Use portable Bluetooth speakers for better sound (we love our Jambox) & light candles or tiki torches for extra lighting.
4. Thrift Store DIY's: Head to a local thrift store to find a diamond in the rough, waiting to be upcycled. You can find some home décor pieces with great potential on the cheap! Check out my "Crafty Girl" pinterest board for tons of inspiration.
5. Have a Theme Dinner Night: I love cooking dinner that has a theme around it- Southern BBQ night / Hawaiian Luau night / Mexican Fiesta .. you get the picture! We usually make an appetizer/ main course & cocktail to fit the theme. Of course, don't forget the playlist to set the mood!
6. Go to a Local Festival: It seems like every weekend there is a local festival happening. Check local city event guides to see what events are going on. I'm a fan of any that have live music & revolve around some sort of quirky event (cheese fest anyone!?).
7.  Game Night: We're huge scrabble nerds, but really any old school game brings out our competitive sides. Of course, you can bring your game outside so you don't have to be cooped up indoors on a gorgeous summer evening or invite friends over!
8. Play Tourist in Your Own City: It seems like there's so many (often times free!) local sights you just don't take advantage of when you've been living somewhere for a while. On our list this summer is the local museum, gardens & nearby hiking trails.
9. Start a Weeknight Tradition: Having a mid-week date night can help break up the work week and give you something to look forward to besides the weekend. We like to experiment with making different grilled pizza combos & catch summer sci fi flicks during $5 Tuesday at the movie theater.
10. Get Fit Together: Whether you're just taking an evening walk around the neighborhood, going hiking at a local state park, or testing out a new fitness class together- working out is so much better if you're doing it together. We even have Fitbit's so we can track our steps & compete each week!
Just for fun-sies, a picture of Kyle & I from our friends' wedding last weekend! We clean up okay :)
What are your favorite summer date ideas? We're always looking for something fun to switch it up!
xoxo, lauren

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces are one of my favorite styling pieces because of their versatility- especially in summertime when layering clothes is not an option! For one, it can make an outfit go from casual to pulled together with the addition of just one accessory. It can also add a fun pop of color like giving this graphic pullover a 4th of July feel. It does a great job at balancing dressy & casual. I've accumulated quite a fun collection of them, but the bright red & turquoise stones in this style from Lemon Drop Boutique will be great for year round.
The only thing to keep in mind when choosing the right statement necklace is choosing a neckline that works well. You can either use them to fill empty space in a neckline (in a V-neck silhouette) or layered lightly over a crew-neck, just make sure you have it adjusted to the right length. Right now fan, fringe, floral & layered strand statement necklaces are all trending.
Check out how I've styled my statement necklace and check out the giveaway to win one of your own at the bottom of the post!

Summer Statement Necklace
What I'm Wearing: Summer Statement Necklace
Mixed Stones Fan Necklace: Lemon Drop Boutique | Graphic Pullover: Boathouse Apparel
White Skirt: (similar) | Leather Clutch: (similar)
Summer Statement Necklace

Summer Statement Necklace

Summer Statement Necklace
Summer Statement Necklace
 Now for a fun giveaway for a statement necklace of your own from Lemon Drop Boutique, it's super easy to win! I recently discovered this affordable independent boutique, they have a great trendy assortment of accessories (which you know is right up my alley)! As you know I love to support local boutiques & fellow #girlboss-es!

I chose the Believe Gem Necklace to giveaway to you guys- I LOVE the color combo!
Can you guys believe it's July 1st! Wow does time fly. Hope you're enjoying your summer!
xoxo, lauren
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