Sunday, July 5, 2015

10 Affordable + Fun Summer Date Ideas

Summers in Wisconsin are so short & sweet that we've been trying to take advantage of every weekend (or weeknight)! I've found that we're more likely to do something special together if we make a list of ideas. If you're tired of Netflix marathons check out my list of date night ideas & be sure to comment or tweet me with fun date ideas that you have!

10 Affordable + Fun Summer Date Ideas
Here's a list of what's on our summer date night wish list (& they're all pretty affordable options)!
1. Rent a Canoe or Kayak Madison is surrounded by lakes, so renting a canoe for an hour or two is a great way to get outside and explore even when the weekends get chaotic. Grab a post-canoe trip ice cream cone to beat the heat.
2. Beer Tasting Night: Find a local grocery or liquor store that allows you to "build your own 6 pack" and each pick out 3 different kinds of beer. Then, draw up a little rating card and discuss which are your favorites. (Here's a cute printable!)
3. Movie Night Under the Stars: Grab some blankets, popcorn and an iPad for movie watching under the stars in the backyard.  Use portable Bluetooth speakers for better sound (we love our Jambox) & light candles or tiki torches for extra lighting.
4. Thrift Store DIY's: Head to a local thrift store to find a diamond in the rough, waiting to be upcycled. You can find some home d├ęcor pieces with great potential on the cheap! Check out my "Crafty Girl" pinterest board for tons of inspiration.
5. Have a Theme Dinner Night: I love cooking dinner that has a theme around it- Southern BBQ night / Hawaiian Luau night / Mexican Fiesta .. you get the picture! We usually make an appetizer/ main course & cocktail to fit the theme. Of course, don't forget the playlist to set the mood!
6. Go to a Local Festival: It seems like every weekend there is a local festival happening. Check local city event guides to see what events are going on. I'm a fan of any that have live music & revolve around some sort of quirky event (cheese fest anyone!?).
7.  Game Night: We're huge scrabble nerds, but really any old school game brings out our competitive sides. Of course, you can bring your game outside so you don't have to be cooped up indoors on a gorgeous summer evening or invite friends over!
8. Play Tourist in Your Own City: It seems like there's so many (often times free!) local sights you just don't take advantage of when you've been living somewhere for a while. On our list this summer is the local museum, gardens & nearby hiking trails.
9. Start a Weeknight Tradition: Having a mid-week date night can help break up the work week and give you something to look forward to besides the weekend. We like to experiment with making different grilled pizza combos & catch summer sci fi flicks during $5 Tuesday at the movie theater.
10. Get Fit Together: Whether you're just taking an evening walk around the neighborhood, going hiking at a local state park, or testing out a new fitness class together- working out is so much better if you're doing it together. We even have Fitbit's so we can track our steps & compete each week!
Just for fun-sies, a picture of Kyle & I from our friends' wedding last weekend! We clean up okay :)
What are your favorite summer date ideas? We're always looking for something fun to switch it up!
xoxo, lauren


Kacie Firkins said...

These are some great ideas!! Definitely might have to try the outdoor movie night! :)


Sarah Lagen said...

I love these summer date ideas-- especially playing tourist in your own city! I've lived in Chicago for years and there is still so much I want to see! (and a lot of key tourist spots I haven't been to!)

And you two clean up GREAT!! :)

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