Tuesday, November 3, 2015

La Petite Wedding: Newly Engaged

Since Kyle and I have been dating for over 4 years of course the thought of marriage has crossed my mind, but whenever I started getting ahead of myself I'd make myself stop and just enjoy the here and now. Well, now that we're engaged I'm enjoying that I can finally dream, plan and get excited about our big day (and more importantly what's our future holds for us).

I promise I won't go overboard in talking about wedding planning, but I do want to share a bit about the process since we'll be doing it on a budget. Have a question? Just shoot me a tweet or an email. I'll be honest & transparent about planning for the big day. I'll be sharing the good, the bad, and the pretty!

Advice for newly engaged brides to be!

I will never forget our engagement (if you haven't read our story yet, read it here). Though our relationship hasn't changed, I definitely feel a sense of peace, contentment and excitement for the both of us.

So, you're newly engaged? Here's a couple of things to think about! I'll be sharing in realtime as I'm going through the same things.

Sharing the News: I just happened to be on vacation with my family when he popped the question, but we made sure to call his parents first thing the next day as well as close family and relatives. I just got back from Hawaii when it was time to tell all my best girlfriends. As badly as I wanted to call each of them, I was SO jetlagged but couldn't keep the news in any longer. I individually texted them and we scheduled a Skype call together so I could tell our engagement story.

As a general rule, make sure you've talked to close friends and loved ones before you share the news on social media. You don't want to hurt any feelings!

Big Picture: The perfect way to start your wedding planning adventures is to discuss your vision for the day with eachother. Do you want it to be an intimate destination wedding with family and close friends? A big church & ballroom wedding? I think there can be a lot of outward pressure from friends and family or even just societal norms about how to get married. Kyle & I are big believers in doing what's right for each other and knowing our loved ones will be supportive no matter how we choose to celebrate our wedding. Focusing on what feels right to you and keeping that top of mind throughout the planning process is what we're going to strive to do.

Setting a Date: Almost all wedding plans revolve around your wedding date. Think about what time of year and location are perfect for the both of you. Though we haven't landed the exact day yet, we're anticipating it will be next Fall in Wisconsin.

Start Thinking about Budget: Just as location & date are crucial, so is the budget- especially if you don't want it to become a source of conflict. This was one of the first discussions we had with each other and parents. We're aiming for a $10k budget wedding- saving some money by having the ceremony and reception at his family farm. We'll be sharing the budget with my parents and trying to (in my words) "DIY the heck out of this thing".  While the idea of spending a huge sum for one day is a bit terrifying, we're hoping for a pretty but laidback celebration of love!

Get Inspired: As I mentioned, there's going to be some major DIY-ing happening for our nuptials. I'm very lucky to have a handy fiancé who can build me almost anything and a large supply of reclaimed wood, wildflowers & pine trees. Pinterest is a great way to organize your thoughts and share ideas with friends. A great suggestion I had was to use a public board as a general place for inspiration (see my La Petite Wedding Board here) and then keep a "secret" board that you can write lengthier captions about how you can execute a similar vision for your wedding. I love that, especially because then some things will still be a surprise for the big day.

I hope this was some good food for thought for fellow new brides to be! In my next post I'll be applying some of the same principles of branding that I use for social media and share how you can use those same ideas to create a cohesive vision and inspiration board for your event.

Questions or helpful resources? Tweet me gals!

xoxo, lauren

Want to see the details from our actual rustic modern wedding on Kyle's family farm? Head to our new blog, La Petite Farmhouse!


fiqih kartika murti said...

Omg, congrats lauren, so happy to hear the news

Im following ur blog since college and so do you. And feels that i know u personal,so congrats again

fiqih kartika murti said...

Omg, congrats lauren, so happy to hear the news

Im following ur blog since college and so do you. And feels that i know u personal,so congrats again

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