Friday, December 11, 2015

Home Spa Night How-To

I'm gearing up for a long Wisconsin winter and let me tell you folks, it can be rough. When the sun starts setting at 3 PM and my legs haven't seen the light of day in far too long a little self-care goes a long way! Everyone has their own unique ways of treating themselves in dreary Winter months. For me, it's an at-home spa night complete with candles, face masks & a good book.

I'll share a few of my favorite ways to bring the relaxation of the spa to your home to help you fight the winter blues!

At Home Spa Night How-To

My Spa Night Faves:

Winter Home Spa Night How-To Tips:

1. Bring the Spa Home with a Relaxing Bath: My home bathtub is far from spa-like, but lighting a couple of candles for ambience and breaking out my favorite scented scrubs (LifeTherapy is a current favorite) puts me in zen-like state. LUSH Cosmetics bath bombs are amazing!

2. Put on a Face Mask: Whether you choose to DIY a face mask or purchase one (I love these!), be sure you choose one to match your skin type for the best results. I love trying out natural methods- this post has some great ideas!

3. Luscious Locks!: An at-home spa night is the perfect opportunity to take the extra steps to pamper yourself more than you would with your typical beauty routine. Try putting on a super moisturizing hair mask to deeply condition your hair.

4. Invite a Friend: A girl's spa night is the best because you can trade spa treatments. Trade facials or pedicures so you can both enjoy getting pampered (& save some $$!).

5. Create a Relaxing Mood: Music always helps me turn my brain off & relax. I love the Coffee Shop Indie playlist on Songza! So often we're checking our phones and email and there is something so supremely gratifying about hiding your phone in the other room and digging into a good read (I'm reading Cameron Diaz's "The Body Book"!)

What are your favorite ways to enjoy an at-home spa night?

xoxo, lauren

1 comment:

Sarah Lagen said...

I love a good at home spa day! it's always a treat for me when I paint my nails, I don't know why but I love doing it!

xo, Sarah

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