Thursday, January 7, 2016

6 Busy Girl Tips for A Healthier 2016

When it came to trying to manage my health & wellness in 2015 I think there were some highs and lows. The highs: I discovered barre3 classes & developed a new love for morning smoothies & breakfast bowls. The lows: A whole lot of excuses and not prioritizing fitness and too many trips to Culvers with my lovely fiancĂ©.  This year, with a wedding coming up in October, looking my best is definitely top of mind!

I wanted to share a few of my favorite tips that come in handy during those especially busy days. I also wanted to gush over one of my new favorite wellness resources & girl crushes, Prescribe Nutrition!

Life gets busy, but these tips will help you have a healthier new year!

 This year I'm trying not to be too hard on myself. I want to set realistic goals- among them having healthy snacks on hand and planning out time for exercise daily. Am I the only one who's 10x more likely to work out when it's scheduled into my day?

Swap out soda for kombucha as a healthier alternative!

1. Swapping out Soda for Kombucha:
I'm not a huge soda drinker but for those moments of weakness, kombucha (fermented & fizzy fruit tea), is a great swap. Though it can be high in sugar too it has some definite health benefits- they're packed with probiotics! During cocktail hour you can even use it as a mixer.

Grab a granola bar for a healthy snack that will help you feel full & happy!

2. Granola Bars on the Go:
Sometimes I don't have time to make a delicious & healthy breakfast or my tummy's grumbling in between lunch and dinner. Granola bars (KIND & Luna Bars are my favorite), especially those packed with protein & fiber keep me full and happy. Because, if I miss breakfast... I'll be one hangry girl!

 photo healthy sleep lemon water_zpsa6ysuhe0.jpg

3. Drink Warm Lemon Water:
 One habit I'd like to start is Hot lemon water before bed or first thing in the morning. It's said to have powerful health benefits- like aiding digestion, helping to flush out toxicities, and can even help with weight loss. (P.S. Who else is reading the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up)?

 photo healthy indulgence chocolate red wine_zps4bixlpdd.jpg

4. Indulge Wisely:
I'm going to indulge, so I'll at least try to at least try to indulge wisely! For me that means choosing a glass of heart-healthy red wine and a square of dark chocolate over my usual sauvignon blanc and ice cream. It's the little things, right guys? 

  photo healthy tip drink more water_zpsb7qhvue8.jpg

5. Drink More Water (& Use Natural Skincare Products):
I'm pretty sure it's a yearly goal of mine to drink more water. I usually have a glass at my desk but get so caught up in whatever I'm working on that it's 10 am & all I've had is 2 cups of coffee. Funnily enough, one way I actually do drink more water is when I have a super cute water bottle at my desk. This one from S'well is hot pink & keeps water super cold (but I also love the colorful BKR bottles). Side note, I've also swapped to almost entirely natural/organic facial products and my skin's never felt better!

Prescribe Nutrition's program is perfect for maintaining & developing a healthier lifestyle.

6. Join an Online Program for Accountability & Healthy Recipes:
As I mentioned, I absolutely love what the ladies of Prescribe Nutrition stand for- wiser lifestyle choices rather than temporary diets, education about the power of healthy food, and a great support system.

They're kicking off their Prescribe20 program on January 11th and I feel like it's the perfect experience for someone like me- anyone looking for a holistic & realistic and gradual approach to a healthier lifestyle! I'm SO looking forward to getting started. It's so refreshing to find kindred spirits who share similar views about nutrition! Use code LAPETITE to get 20% off the program!

What are your favorite ways for daily healthy "wins"?

xoxo, lauren

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Becca Lucio said...

My Hot Pink Swell bottle is my favorite. It keeps my ice cubes frozen for so long, and the hot pink lets me easily find it in my gym bag!


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