Thursday, March 24, 2016

Girl Boss Guide to Instagram Changes

Last week Instagram made an announcement that they would be making a change to break away from the chronological feed to begin to show you the moments they believe you "care about most". Cue the collective girl boss freak out. It's what a lot of people are calling the Facebook effect. Social media platforms are constantly changing and evolving. Right when you think you've got it all figured out, they like to switch things up!

While the unknown can be totally terrifying, you can in fact utilize Instagram's changes to your advantage. What does this all mean?  Every person who follows you won't be seeing every post in their feed. Engagement is going to matter more than ever! Instagram will be rolling out this update in the coming months, but I wanted to share a few ways to maximize your reach and prepare for the updates as a personal brand or business owner.


Tips for Embracing the Instagram Change:

1. Choose Quality over Quantity (or both): While it's tempting to push out content frequently- strive to make sure that you're putting your best content out. Take a look at what posts have been receiving the most engagement. See if there are any common threads between them. Maybe your audience is loving the behind the scenes personal posts mixed in with business posts? Maybe they respond to bright colors and light backgrounds?

2. Create a Consistent Look & Feel: Taking a consistent branding approach to your Instagram is so important. Color and mood can be an important tool. Try to choose a few key brand colors and incorporate one of them into every post. I love the new app A Color Story, and you can even save editing steps for a consistent look every time you edit the photo.

If you're in Madison and want to learn even more about branding be sure to check out my hands-on branding board workshop on 4/12 at Dream Bank (it's free)!

3. Engage With Your Audience: I think what people often forget is that social media is a 2 way conversation. If engagement will begin to rule the feed than be sure that you're responding to comments on your posts and doing more than just pushing your content out into the platform. Taking the extra step to leave comments instead of just a "like" is worth your time!

I also recommend finding and supporting your business peers! Joining a group like Rising Tide Society is a great way to get & give support to other small business owners.

4. Create an Instagram Ad: Did you know that Instagram now lets you create ads through the Facebook Power Editor ad platform tool? You can set whatever targeting and budget you prefer and use it as a tool to help your ideal audience find and follow you on the platform.

5. Use High Quality Hashtags: I find that using hashtags that are slightly more specific work way more than general tags - for example instead of #travel use #travelcolorfully or #travel(cityname). A few of the hashtags I like using best have bigger accounts that share their favorite photos from the feed. My favorites are #abmlifeiscolorful (for color photos), #darlingweekend (for lifestyle images), #communityovercompetitition (for business photos) & #wandeleurspark (for lifestyle images).

Proof that hashtags work? One of my posts was picked up my the A Beautiful Mess account- which they discovered thanks to my use of their hashtag!

6. Ask Your Followers to Turn on Post Notifications for You: One way to ensure that your audience sees all of your content is to ask them (nicely!) to turn on post notifications for your account. That way, they'll get a heads up every time you post. This article explains how to utilize this feature- but I've seen some bloggers do a fun how-to and explaining the changes that are coming.

I hope these Instagram tips are helpful! I promise this won't be the last time that social media decides to change things up! If you have any other questions tweet me or if you'd like to dive even deeper into social media, set up a Social Media Strategy session with me!

We can do this y'all! :)

xoxo, lauren

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Mugdha said...

Yikes, I hadn't even heard about this! Sure, I mostly use it for personal purposes, but I can't stand this feature on facebook most of the time. Thanks for sharing these excellent tips!

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