Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Staying Productive & Purposeful in the Workplace with Paper

I may run a social media consulting business, but the one thing I couldn’t live without in my work isn’t technology- it’s paper! I use paper to help me stay productive and, creative while continuing to learn. I’m proud to partner with the Paper and & Packaging Board – How Life Unfolds ™ campaign to share how paper is an integral part of my small business and day-to-day life as an entrepreneur. Be sure to stop by for even more information about the essential role paper plays in our everyday lives.

I’ve spent the past several months rebranding my business identity, spending what seems like endless  hours scribbling in my notebooks and sketching out ideas for logos. As a creative entrepreneur, my priorities and to-do list change on a daily basis. I’m dependent on paper planners and checklists to keep my days focused and productive. 

I’ve found that a weekly paper planner helps me plan a more purposeful work day. I have a free printable for you to use too! Fill it with your hopes, dreams and to-do’s. 

Download a printable copy here.

Free Printable Weekly Planner

In addition to my weekly paper planner, I try to stick to the below three tips to ensure I have the most productive work day possible. 

1. Avoid multi-tasking. Focusing on one activity at a time, helps you achieve more during the day.

2. Schedule time for activities first- thing in the morning that always seem to fall off your priority list. I try to set aside some time every morning to read while I drink my coffee. Whether it’s an inspiring business book or my latest issue of an interior design magazine, I’ve found that it’s the best way to start my day off on the right note.

3. Cross off completed tasks. Is there anything more gratifying than crossing something off your to-do list? Get creative with colorful pens, stickers and sticky notes. 

Plan your week with a pretty, printable weekly planner

Free printable paper planner to help you design a more productive week!

Another way I use paper in my business is to lift up my peers, mentors and fellow business owners! A business network I’m a part of stresses that “a rising tide lifts all boats." These are words I try to remember and live by. The thoughtful gesture of a personal, handwritten note goes so far in building and maintaining professional and client relationships. Opening up  eye-catching “snail mail” and reading heartfelt words and gratitude, is a truly a day-maker.

Nothing makes someone's day like a handwritten hello & pretty papergoods

Not sure where to start when sending a “just-because” note? Think about someone who has mentored you or taught you something new to help you take your business further. I have an incredible support system of fellow go-getters and ambitious dreamers who have been so generous with sharing their insight and skills. My networking coffee dates turn into voracious note-taking sessions, and I love to return the favor with social media advice and (of course!) a thank- you note. Offering words of encouragement, thanks, and appreciation through a handwritten note or letter is one of the simplest and kindest things you can do.

Pretty paper goods to spread the love & say hello

Another inetgral role paper plays in my business is to help facilitate constant learning. I love teaching myself new skills that I can apply to my entrepreneurial projects, and often times, the first place I look for inspiration is the library or bookstore. My latest pursuit is the art of hand lettering and modern calligraphy. They say practice makes perfect, and while my newfound hobby is far from perfect, I love seeing how, with practice, the lines in my notebooks get a little bit better each day.

Learning the art of handlettering -- practice makes perfect!

I’ve even taken on making handwritten paper place cards for our wedding and embellishing them with a bit of gold paint. I’m looking forward to incorporating more hand-written elements into my business- including a new logo I’m working on and paper goods to match. There is always something new you can learn and be inspired by! I love these tips from the Paper & Packaging Board for lifelong learning.

Handlettering practice, a beautiful art for creative entrepreneurs

On my constant quest to learn, develop, and stay productive as a business owner, paper plays a pivotal role. It’s so much more than a page in a notebook! Paper has the power to influence lives, teach you, and make someone’s day a little bit brighter. 

What’s your favorite way to use paper in your life?

xoxo, lauren

Disclosure: Thank you to the Paper & Packaging Board for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

August Inspiration Board | Light & Airy and Organic & Eclectic

Though the past few months have been crazier than ever, there's been no shortage of inspiration. In fact, in between wedding planning, rebranding my blog & business (more to come on that!), and dreaming about our honeymoon travels; I'm feeling more inspired than ever! I've been spending tons of time every week "creating" whether it's designing my website, creating DIY's for the wedding, or cooking up something with our garden veggies. 

I thought I'd share a little bit of what's inspiring me most this month! I'm digging the light & airy with a mix of organic & eclectic. 

August Inspiration Board (L-R):

1. These roses in vintage bottles make for such a stunning seating chart. I love the idea that very simple florals can be so beautiful.

2. Crostinis are one of our favorite things to make for dinner. We love coming up with creative combinations and using up whatever's in the fridge.

3.  I'm all for the bright, white kitchen, but these eclectic floor tiles make a serious statement.

4. We can hardly believe that we're 40-ish days out from our  honeymoon. Julia of Gal Meets Glam's Italian itinerary is giving me major wanderlust.

5. Lately it's been way to easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle. I love this reminder to embrace the everyday "magic"

6. Something about these embroidered floral jeans totally reminds me of something I had in middle school, but I can't help but love their boho babe vibes.

7. I can hardly believe we've managed to keep our herb garden thriving all summer long. These basil, grapefruit & lemongrass cocktails are definitely happening before I switch to pumpkin beer!

Here's a peek at what's on my shopping wish list right now:

What's inspiring you this month?

xoxo, lauren

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Wedding Inspiration | Rustic Modern

One of the most fun aspects of wedding planning has been choosing the décor. We've been making as much as we can (perks to having a very handy husband to be) and trying to be thoughtful whenever we choose to buy anything. The mindfulnesss that we try to practice in our every day life has extended all the way to wedding planning. We try to think about if it's something we'll use again in our future farmhouse's interior design or be able to resell or repurpose down the road.

The rustic modern style we adore has been an easy choice for our wedding design. When you're wedding planning think outside of the box for your décor. We've found great pieces anywhere from craft stores like Joann & Michaels to Target, Amazon,  Etsy and even the thrift store.

I've pulled together a few of my favorite rustic modern décor pieces that will be just as stylish in your home as your reception space!

Rustic Modern Wedding Decor

Get the Look: Rustic Modern Wedding

My favorite Wedding Décor Resources:
BHLDN | Michaels | Etsy | Minted | Anthropologie | World Market | Amazon | Target

We're super into organic natural looks, rustic wood, and a little bit of boho for good measure. It's going to be a really fresh look inside of Kyle's renovated family barn- rustic but not country. I think our wedding will be a total reflection of our personal style, filled with cozy personal details. I seriously can't wait to show you how it all comes together in October!

Get a look at all of our wedding inspiration on our Pinterest Board, La Petite Wedding!

xoxo, lauren

Want to see the details from our actual rustic modern wedding on Kyle's family farm? Head to our new blog, La Petite Farmhouse!
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